Stuff You Have to Do in LA: 4 Fun Ideas

Los Angeles is a city full of sun and fun. There is a never ending list of things to do and see while you’re in one of the most iconic cities. But, you need to keep something you need to keep in mind before exploring everything LA has to offer. If you’re traveling, you’re most likely going to be carrying heavy luggage with you. Before you set off into the fun of the city, consider checking your bags into luggage storage in LAX. When you fly into the city, there is nothing easier than just dropping your bags off at luggage storage in LAX. You get to fly in, leave your bags, and head off into the adventure of your LA trip. Luggage storage in LAX is so easy to use. You simply book your reservation for your bags, leave them at the drop off site, and pick them up when you’re ready. Now that your bags are out of your hair thanks to the luggage storage in LAX, let’s dig into all the stuff you can do while in LA.

Celebrity Inspired Fun

If you are a fan of celebrities, fame, and Hollywood, Los Angeles is the city for you. Celebrity-themed tours, movie set locations, and so much more are available for you to explore during your trip to LA.

Here are some great ideas for fun things to do:

  • Take a bus tour through celebrity neighborhoods and roads. You get to see your favorite celebrities’ houses while relaxing on top of a bus that tours you through the city.
  • Try out the Warner Bros Studio Tour. On this tour you get to see the most iconic television and movie sets. You might even get a glimpse at a set of your all-time favorite movie.
  • The forever famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. This is where you get to see your favorite Hollywood stars’ names on the walk of fame.

Let’s not forget the very real and exciting probability of seeing someone famous. Whether you’re in Hollywood, at a restaurant, or in a store on Rodeo Drive, there is always the real chance of seeing a celebrity. 

Outdoor Activities

LA isn’t just a city full of fame and celebrities. There are also so many different outdoor activities to partake in.

  • A scenic hike up to the Hollywood sign
  • Surfing lessons on Venice Beach
  • A bike tour of Santa Monica and Venice Beach
  • Go to an LA Dodgers game
  • Hike the Silver Lake Stairs

With all of these exciting outdoor options for fun, you truly will never run out of things to do in this huge city. 

Fun with Food

One of the best parts about visiting a new place is trying the food. Food can be such an incredible gateway into culture. When you visit LA, here are some great stops to make will some of the best food in the city:

  • Smorgasburg LA: an incredibly popular and well loved street food market. There’s over a dozen vendors and so many different types of food for you to try.
  • Grand Central Market: this food stop has some of the best tacos in the city.
  • Anajak Thai Cuisine: one of the most authentic and delicious Thai food experiences you’ll ever have.

Some of the most memorable restaurants you’ll ever come across exist right in Los Angeles. You will absolutely have to make a food tour through the city. You will not regret it.

Gorgeous Sights

Los Angeles is a breathtaking city. From skylines, to beaches, and parks, there is never a shortage of beautiful views to take in. There are so many different places to consider stopping. Here are a few highly recommended things to see in LA:

  • Take a private helicopter tour of the city
  • Utilize the grand tour of the entire city to see the landscapes, skylines, and iconic stops for anyone visiting
  • Visit the Aquarium of the Pacific General
  • Take a dolphin and whale boat tour off the coast
  • Take a look at the famous Hollywood Bowl

With a never ending list of sights to see, you will find a hard time being bored in the city of Los Angeles.

All the Fun in Los Angeles

The fun in Los Angeles is right at your grasp. As soon as your plane touches down, race off to luggage storage in LAX, and set off into your Los Angeles adventure. There is so much to see, do, experience, and eat. You can never go wrong in a city so fun and full of life. Visit all of these iconic spots, try all the best food, and make memories to last a lifetime. You won’t ever regret your trip to Los Angeles.