Steps to Protect your Internet from Viruses

You already know that your computer can be hacked and even your Smartphone is at risk, but were you aware that your Internet is at risk too? This does not mean that you should steer clear of this cost saving alternative to use internet – it is still a highly popular choice. What you should do, however, is take the steps to prevent any type of virus or malware from taking control of your internet because you never know what information is being stolen and used without your knowledge. To take the threats a step further, you could be spied on without even knowing it – taking hacking to a whole new and creepy level. Before you set up your internet, take these important steps.

Update, Update, Update

Do not forget to update and do it often! Manufacturers and software companies send out patches for a reason. Yes, some of them are to provide you with new capabilities, but most often it is to fix a security breach to provide you with secure Internet. These patches are sent out as soon as a threat is identified. This means that the faster you act to implement the patch, the more you are protected. If you neglect the updates, you are leaving your internet at risk of a virus or malware attack.

Know your Wi-Fi Security

Wi-Fi is a great tool to have in the home because it allows internet access on multiple devices including live internet streaming, but it also puts you at risk for a security breach. When you set your router up, make sure that you are implementing the highest level of security. WPA is the highest level of encryption available on a router, so make sure to set it up with that encryption. In addition, you should have access to a firewall that eliminates the risk of hackers getting into your router, which gives them access to all of the devices attached to it. Do not keep your internet provider’s password that was sent for your router either. Instead, make up your own password with a mixture of uppercase/lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols to make it difficult for hackers to get into your router. In addition, it is not a bad idea to change your password every six months or so.

Check for Malware Apps

Your Internet might have the ability to access malware apps – use them! Of course, before you download any of them, do your research to make sure that they are valid. You do not want to download something that will affect your internet rather than protect it! You can check out their validity on your computer before downloading to the internet in order to find out its validity without putting your internet at risk. If the reviews say that it is a hack – obviously stay away from it. Once again, let me put it very straight and forward that you must pay an utmost attention when it comes to taking security measures while using the internet on phone for browsing different websites. If you are browsing any website by using any applications, then it is better to take the security steps now for stress free experience.


Just as you should beware of your passwords used on your router, the same is true for your Internet. Any passwords you need to set for your Internet, apps, or other programs should be carefully crafted. Make sure to make them as hard to break through as possible. This means do not use birthdates, obvious names, pet names, or anything else that would be easy to guess if a person knew some of your information. Instead, make them as complicated as possible, while still enabling you to remember them. As an added precaution, change them as often as possible in order to ensure their security.

Be Extra Careful While Shopping Online

Everybody likes to shop online these days and it is so convenient to get the things you like with few simple clicks on your phone or laptop. However, you have to be little bit careful while shopping online through your phone or system as it may not be secured. There are chances that, when you make a final payment your amount may get into the wrong hands. So, instead of repenting later, make sure that you take steps for securing your system to have an unforgettable online shopping experience. The shopping experience becomes more memorable when you get to save money online by getting discounts using coupon codes. OZCodes is one of the trustworthy sites you can rely on.

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