Social Media Benefits: Using Social Media to Promote Software Purchase through Coupons

Social Media is one of the best things that ever happened to marketing and advertising. Businesses can now get up close and personal with their customers and be able to talk to them as often as they want for much less than it would cost through the traditional forms of marketing.

It is no wonder, therefore, that most businesses are taking their business to the social media platforms. They are selling everything from software coupons to cars on these platforms and making quite some cash.

So Many Benefits

There are many advantages that running a social media coupon campaign affords to a business. A few of these are:

  • It is a pretty easy campaign to run. All you need is a computer, a social media account and a way with words.
  • These social media campaigns have been shown to directly drive sales. You are likely to get more conversions from your social media pages thanfrom your website alone especially if you are using coupons.
  • With social media you are able to engage prospective customers by answering their questions regarding your software and the coupons. This willhelp you to convert them to customers more easily as a result of the interaction.
  • You will end up with more followers because the followers or friends you currently have will have something interesting to share with their friends/followers.
  • It is an easy campaign to measure because the coupons can be automatically tracked by the ecommerce system you are using.

A Few Strategies

The advantage of using social media to get sales on your software coupons is that you can be as creative as you like. We have a few examples of ideas that you could implement for your next social media coupon campaign:

– Create a coupon game

Rather than simply offering your coupon, you could create a game. For instance, you could have all new fans winning a coupon whose value was unknown. This will get you plenty of new fans and turn the entire coupon campaign to a fun experience for both your customers and you.

– Have some lucky coupons

Among the coupons you have on offer, you could have some having extra offers at the point of sale that was not known before. This will generate a lot of interest in your coupon campaign and you are sure to have a successful run.

– Create a sense of urgency

Emphasize that the coupons would only be available for a limited period and that only a certain number were remaining. That will push your customers to make decisions quickly.

– Put some attractive pictures

Photos are very attractive to any post and the same applies to a post about a coupon campaign. Find a great, relevant photo that will catch the eye of your regular customers and potential ones as well.

Social media platforms are the best place to run coupon campaigns for software or any other product you are looking to sell. All you need is a little creativity.