5 Simple Ways to Speed-Up Your Content Writing

Weíve all experienced times where weíve set a goal for ourselves, and havenít been able to achieve it by the desired date or time. With only 24 hours in a day, it requires proper planning and determination if we want to stay up to speed with our tasks.

For bloggers, itís essential to be constantly coming up with ideas and converting them into quality content. When day-to-day life and unavoidable commitments come into play, the desire to make content writing as quick a process as possible strengthens.

By putting effective writing strategies into place, any blogger can make the most of their time and potentially generate more revenue from their writing.

Here are 5 ways you can speed up the blog writing process:

1. Know the basics

Starting a blog in 2017 requires much more than simply writing a piece and making it live, you need to be knowledgeable in the platform youíre using and know how to navigate the blogging world. If you donít know the basics on how to blog, youíre going to struggle and your time is going to be wasted.

Make us of tutorials and get to know your platform. For example, learn in advance how to embed YouTube videos and Tweets into your content, so when the time comes to do it, youíll know exactly what to do. Familiarise yourself with how to add headings, change text colours and add links. This will save you considerable time.

2. Gather content ideas in advance

Sometimes, the hardest part of creating content is coming up with titles. If youíre feeling particularly motivated and creative one day, see how many different ideas you can create. Keep these stored in the notes app of your phone so that you can add to the list when inspiration hits. The next time you go to work on a post, you just have to take your pick and work from there.

3. Start with bullet points

Instead of sitting down to write an entire article out in one go, start by bullet pointing all of the points you want to cover. These bullet points will act as a guide for your writing as youíll know what you need to talk about next and wonít forget your purpose.

You could also break this down into sub headings. Instead of having a list of endless points, simply create the structure of your article.

4. Identify your most productive time

We are all different from each other, so we will all have different times of the day during which we are most productive. While some bloggers will be more productive early in the morning, others will strive in the evenings. It is important to identify the times of the day when you are most productive and can write quality and relevant content. Donít just write for the sake of writing.

This can be done through constant practice and common sense. The next step would be to make the most of these times of the day by focusing your energy on writing. You should always remember that it is impossible to speed-up content writing when you are not happy and relaxed.

5. Know your niche

To some people, writing content is all about turning their passion into blog posts and social media updates. Every writer has their own strengths, some writing better in certain areas than others. As a writer who is keen on learning how to speed up their writing, you should identify the subject that you would be more comfortable focusing on.

Even as you write with more speed, it is still important to ensure consistency and clarity in your work. In the beginning, your niche should be determined by your interests. You should also consider writing on topics you know about. Youíre going to spend a lot more time writing on something that you arenít knowledgeable about, as opposed to being able to effortlessly write about a topic you know off the top of your head. As your reputation and interaction with your blog grow, you can identify the best ways of crafting future content that differs from what you normally focus on.

Starting a blog is never easy, and when crafting content becomes a time-consuming task, itís easy to lose focus. If youíre looking for ways to make the process a lot quicker, itís important that you take on the above advice.