3 SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2017

2017 is well underway and business owners and webmasters continue to make search engine optimization mistakes and harm their website rankings. By learning what to avoid, you’ll have the knowledge and information needed to keep your SEO on point without damaging your website rankings unnecessarily.

With that said, we’ll now take a look at some of the biggest SEO mistakes webmasters have a tendency to make. By the time you’re through, you’ll know exactly what to avoid to keep your website rankings from dropping off the charts.

  1. Stop Expecting Low-Cost SEO Service Providers to Deliver Amazing Results

At this point in time, SEO is not cheap to say the least. So if some SEO service provider tells you that he or she can get your website ranked at the top of Google for competitive keyword phrases for a couple hundred bucks, you need to head to the hills and run as fast as possible.

Why? You’ll waste serious time and money paying for SEO services when they’re so cheap you’re practically paying nothing for them. No self-respecting SEO expert is willing to sell his or her services short, so the ones charging practically nothing do not intend to rank your website to begin with.

Cheap SEO plans will end up causing more harm than good if the search engine optimization provider actually does his or her job. Some examples of cheap SEO include: keyword stuffing, low quality backlinks, meta-tag stuffing, poor keyword research, using duplicate content on your website, and more.

If you think an SEO service provider is charging too little for his or her services, they probably have no intention of ever delivering the results they promised. In this case, steer clear of these unscrupulous companies and choose one with a solid reputation instead.

According to Stackify.com, a website teaching visitors about making w3wp high CPU usage easier, you should avoid cheap SEO services to preserve and protect your search engine rankings.

  1. Stop Thinking Backlink Building Doesn’t Matter

Many website owners actually believe link building doesn’t matter, or they’re so scared they’ll make mistakes so they avoid it altogether. If you ever want your website to rank highly in Google, you have to begin actively building links to your content or you’ll never achieve the desired search engine rankings you want.

Some SEO “experts” will try to convince you link building is dead and completely unnecessary. Reports on this topic have been coming out for over 10 years now, yet backlinks are still the lifeblood of every successful SEO campaign. You cannot avoid them because they are such a powerful signal Google uses as a major component of their search engine algorithm.

If you ever plan to rank highly in the search engines, start building backlinks to your website homepage and inner pages immediately. It’s the one way to guarantee you’ll climb the search engine rankings and reach #1for your desired keyword phrases.

  1. Inadequate Keyword Research Skills

Lastly, to ensure effective SEO, you must focus on keyword research to get it right. If you end up getting it wrong, you could focus your site on the wrong keywords bringing the wrong traffic that ultimately will amount to low-quality website visitors.

On the other hand, when you do keyword research right from the start, your website will be optimized for the best keyword phrases in your market, and searchers will discover your website at the top of Google.

By focusing on keyword research, you’ll deliver high-quality traffic to your website. This traffic is much easier to convert into paying customers.


Pay attention to these three SEO mistakes and avoid them in 2017 and beyond.