The Road from Freelancer to Head of a Creative Agency

Imagine an ambitious freelancer with a solid clientele with an expanding work demand. The freelancer has reached a saturation point and the capacity cannot be maximized further. Obviously, the freelancer wouldn’t want to refuse the work because of being overburdened. The viable option is to delegate the tasks to other freelancers and that’s just it-the foundations of a creative agency are in order. Transitioning from being a freelancer to becoming the head of a creative agency is a pragmatic approach towards taking the career to the next level. As appealing and practical opening a creative agency may sound, it isn’t as easy. Read on to know about the importance of project management for agencies.

Test Run to Clear Your Doubts about Delegating Tasks

Most freelancers are hesitant about delegating tasks to others. Preferably, it is advisable that you create a team of a few members initially and delegate projects to them. Depending on the expertise of the recruited team members, multidimensional projects can be handled – from graphic designing to content creation to marketing and building a website. The idea is that the creator of the agency ensures that the resources have the right temperament for the job. The actual work can be subcontracted other freelancers along with outsourcing the administrative, marketing, and sales to a virtual assistance company. Working with subcontractors will alert the creative agency’s head about the communication gaps that may occur and other shortcomings in the early stages of the agency.

You Own Creative Agency

After the test run, the head should be able to decide the type of projects that the agency wants from the clients. The managers of a newly founded creative agency will have to incorporate the long term goals for the organization. A strong brand image must be built because the name of the creative agency will be at the stakes. This is why every creative agency will need efficient project management software to make the processes automated.

Get the Fundamentals of Creative Agency Accurate

After  the teams are assembled for executing different tasks, such as marketing, project completion teams, administration, human resources and payroll teams, there is a dire need for using a system that integrates these functions together. Structured workflows have to be designed to maintain a  hierarchical system.

Bookkeeping and Taxations

After a creative agency has been made, there is a need to monitor the flow of cash. A system is needed to send the invoices to the client for the various projects.. A financial management software like QuickBooks can facilitate in this task. Taxation and payrolls also need to be handled in a timely fashion.

Maintain a Track of Your Projects

Project management software will allow the various team members to view the list of ongoing projects so that the work progress can be tracked.

Effective Communication with the Client

The team member of the creative agency should be able to collaborate effectively, both in house and with the client. Project management software will enable the clients to leave behind feedback and attach specifications for the projects. Even the teams can coordinate with each other for better communication on a single platform.