Qualities of a High-Selling T-Shirt Online Business

Custom t-shirts and clothing items are a hot item when it comes to ecommerce. Whether youíre selling your own brand or someone elseís, setting up your ecommerce store appropriately can determine whether or not youíre successful in your venture. You want an ecommerce store that is accessible by most Internet users and you want to get started quickly so you can start making money. Most online ecommerce platforms have simplified the process – making it easy enough to start selling your shirts in a matter of hours.


Choose a Simple but Customized Design

If youíre selling t-shirts, you want those products to shine above all else. Most clothing stores today are successful if they use a simple, but unique design. Since your website is still an extension of your brand, you want to add your own unique touches, but you donít want to take away from the products youíre trying to sell. You should be able to layout your clothing items without them competing against your background or text. Find a clothing website template that uses slider images – which lets you show off a few featured items right there on your homepage.

Use Industry-Specific Templates

Industry-specific templates are important, especially when youíre selling clothing items. An industry-specific website made for clothing stores has the functionality and features you need to sell your products. Also, these templates have been designed for online shoppers. That means shoppers can easily navigate through these templates, finding the products they need and navigating to the checkout process without hassle.

†Use a Trusted Platform

Today you donít have to self-host or build your own website. Instead, you can use an ecommerce platform to sell t-shirts and clothing items over the Internet. Ecommerce platforms can help manage your site and day-to-day operations. They often have secured checkout process, integrated apps, and reporting features that make your job easier. Also, a platform might have pre-designed ecommerce store templates. That means you can select a template, load it to your site, and get selling without a lot of time wasted designing your storefront.

When picking an ecommerce platform, look for one that is scalable to your business. They should be able to grow with you and not limit your capabilities. You want one with a reputation for fast servers, reliable hosting and high (or unlimited) bandwidth.

†Make the Shopping Process Simple

People shopping online donít have time to mess with complicated websites. If youíre selling t-shirts, you already know that the competition is fierce and there are plenty of websites out there ready to snatch up your customers. Make sure your website is trendy and eye-catching, but the shopping process itself is still simple. If users have to go through dozens of steps to buy an item, they might not make it all the way through the process. See what your ecommerce platform can do for you about simplifying the checkout process.

Also, see if your provider has a cart abandonment report. This allows you to see how many times your cart is abandoned and at what phase. You can also contact those users who abandoned your cart to find out what made them leave. Sometimes itís as simple as a tech error or might have something to do with your checkout process.

By being proactive in your design and setting up a user-friendly store, you can sell your t-shirts successfully in a highly competitive industry. Remember that it all starts with a clean, simple design and a worthy product. From there itís up to the buyers.