Planning a Wedding While Youíre Still in College

So, here you are. Not quite graduated from college and planning a wedding. Itís not exactly what you had anticipated youíd be doing; nevertheless, here you are. Itís hard enough to save money as a student, and now you and your special someone have decided that now is the perfect time to join the throng of married people. Planning a wedding can be challenging regardless of what your situation is, so donít despair. There may be some positives to the process, and here are a few ideas to keep things moving along.

Remember that busy people get things done

You know that old adage, ďIf you want something done, ask a busy person.Ē Thereís truth to that! While you may think it sounds cliche, keep in mind that a body in motion tends to stay in motion, so if youíre already on the move with school and work, itís likely you will be able to fit in that little extra thatís required to get things done. Reliability and busyness seem to go hand-in-hand.

Busy people know the value of their time and find ways to make time for things that matter the most. Their days are structured to optimize their productivity, and they manage to compartmentalize their day. If you are a college student, you already have a plan for keeping your work life, your social life, and your school life balanced, so start by figuring out what time you have available to contribute to wedding planning.

Tweak your schedule

If you have decided on a longer engagement, it will be possible to plan your upcoming class schedule to suit your needs. By looking at a wedding plan guide or wedding planning app, you may be able to determine what your schedule for the semester before and during your wedding should look like.

Try to get the harder, more time-consuming classes out of the way earlier, so that your school load will be lighter around the wedding or during the stages of wedding planning where your time is spread a little thin. Pay particular attention to semesters where performance assessments, like tests, comprehensive exams, or practicums may be required. If you are in a field where certain classes weigh heavily in your ability to move forward in your education, like law, education, or medicine, be sure to plan accordingly.

Use organizational apps or websites

Keep the biggest portions of your life separate so that your priorities can stay intact. Using physical folders for paperwork or notes might be helpful, but many wedding sites and apps ensure that your school, wedding, and personal tasks can be maintained over the long haul. Think about how much time you need to focus on the wedding, and plan to set that time apart from other important aspects of your life.

Use wedding sites to your advantage

Many sites are useful for wedding inspiration. Looking for your wedding dress online and perusing the many wedding favor ideas on Pinterest can ultimately be a time saver. Knowing what you want and narrowing down your choices before stepping into the bridal store or heading to a craft store can keep you from wasting time in the aisles.

But be aware that spending hours browsing online is not much different from browsing in person, so donít let yourself get caught up flipping through endless pages of gorgeous bridesmaid dresses or do-it-yourself table favors. Use these sites to get yourself and keep yourself organized.

Ask for help

As a college student, it may not be feasible or even advantageous to hire a wedding planner. That doesnít mean there arenít people who are able and willing to help. One of the hardest aspects of being a bride is relinquishing control of all the relevant details of a wedding, but remember that many of those details can be time-consuming, and if you have dependable help, you may find it a relief to have someone run errands for you.

Chances are many people are not only willing but anxious to help you with your special day. A parent, a sibling, or even a trusted friend may be able to give you the assistance you need to make things work while you juggle the many aspects of your hectic life. Making your wedding vision clear to them will help them streamline their plan for doing things for you. Many people have successfully planned a wedding while in college, so be sure to ask for advice from those who know.

Have you successfully planned a wedding in college? What advice can you share?