What You Need to Create a WordPress Corporate Website

A website is the first place people refer to when they need to find out any information about a product or a service. Thatís why, for a business to grow, a website is both a requirement and necessity at the same time.

If, for some reasons, your business doesnít have a website yet, then itís the high time to do something about that. WordPress can be an excellent starting point for you, as it has all the functionalities and flexibility to serve as a content management platform for any kind of business. It basically gives you full control over how your website will look and function.

I know that money donít grow on trees and it may be hard for some to spend out big bucks on building a website. Thatís why I offer below affordable ways and alternatives that will help you create a functional and easy to get around website for your business.

Letís see what steps youíll need to go through and what WordPress tools and products will come in handy to help you get started.

Once you installed and setup WordPress the next thing is to choose a decent theme that will put personality to your website and outline its advantages. With such a huge number of theme options both free and paid, choosing the right one can be a challenging process and can also take you a hell of time. To save you time on searching, I have a couple of options to recommend.

WordPress Business Elite is a perfect choice for any kind of corporate and business websites. Its simple interface with one page scrolling design and parallax technology will render better user experience to your visitors and make your stand out from the crowd.

This one page WordPress theme features a fixed menu at the top and an advanced slider on the homepage to highlight the most important points of your business. As you scroll down the theme various pages follow one another as kind of sections which makes it easy to navigate around. The contact form at the end of the homepage is another great addition to the theme. You can customize its every parameter and adjust it to best fit your businessís individual needs.

Create a WordPress Corporate Website

You can also outline the tone and essentials of your business with Sauron, a multipurpose WordPress theme that can be used for almost any purpose. It has a wide list of standout features, such as, one page design,full width posts grid, front page builder, fullscreen lightbox slideshow †and other functionalities that are essential for a modern website. Its interface is kind of divided to various sections, where you can display different pages such as blog, galleries, testimonials, etc.Sauron is social media integrated and customizable from top to bottom. †To discover all its features you can check the Pro version of Sauron WordPress theme and try the themeís Demo .


So, weíre done with probably the most overwhelming part of building a website, now we have to get down to some functionality enhancement. I know that depending on the type of your business and your targeted customers the functionalities youíll need may vary, but I also know that there are several essential features a business website canít possibly lack.
The first must-have feature is Google Maps. Seriously, itís the ultimate way that can help customers find your business location. As WordPress lacks Google maps functionality from its core features, WordPress Google Maps plugin will come to help and bring highly customizable maps to your website.


Here Iíd mention Google Maps WD which in contrast to other plugins of this kind is super easy to use and comes with several unique features such as configuration wizard, store locator, customizable map themes, custom icon builder for markers, advanced marker listing options, etc. In addition to these standout features, the plugin comes with four map styles, polygon and polyline overlays and over 100 marker icons to choose from. Google Maps WD also suggests directions from one point to another.

Another essential functionality that turns to be very useful for both you and your customers is contact forms. They provide an easy way for your website visitors to get in touch with you and also allow you to respond to their needs. For advanced contact, survey, application, questionnaire and registration forms youíll have to check out Form Maker plugin. This is the most feature-rich WordPress form builder that lets you create responsive, simple and multipart forms in a matter of a few minutes.


Just drag the necessary fields and drop them on the form and give them the look and feel with the available 37 form themes. You can customize every parameter of the forms and give them additional styling with CSS. Itís super easy to manage the submissions section of the plugin as it is searchable and provides basic analytical data about the submitted forms.

Well organized header and footer of the website ensure credibility and give it a professional look and feel. So, donít overlook their importance and get down to making the most out of them. You can give your website more credibility with Footer Putter WordPress plugin, which provides an ultimate way to transform its footer part. It allows you to insert Footer copyright and Trademarks widgets to the footer area and display your business credentials in the right manner.


You can also insert footer menu with links to the Contact, Privacy and Terms and Conditions pages and provide telephone number, postal and email addresses to your customers. The footer size and colors can be easily changed and adjusted to best fit your website. †Additionally, the widgets come with visibility control option, that allow you to choose where and when the widgets are visible to the visitors.

Once you created a proper website for your business there comes the time for search engine optimization. It is an ultimate way to appear in the search results of major search engines and drive more people to your website. If the optimization of your website seems a complete torture for you, then Yoast SEO plugin is the best tool to go with.


It will take control of the full optimization of your website and make sure it is one of a kind all search engines will love. Yoast Seo allows you to control the length of your post titles and their meta descriptions, add image alt tags and enable pretty permalinks for a better search engine visibility. The best part of the plugin is its snippet preview option, which allows you to instantly see the changes youíve made and how your posts and pages will be displayed in search results.

When you create a website for your business, itís important to equip it with the right tools so that it can serve you and your customers at its best. A thoroughly built and functional website will put you above the competitors and help your business stand out.

The tools presented above provide basic and general functionality that will come in handy for all type of business and websites. Theyíre all easy to use and work out of the box.
If you have other WordPress themes and plugins in mind that will also be helpful to consider for corporate websites, make sure to suggest in the comments below.

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