Myth-Buster: Can You Really Make Money from Your Blog?

Smart Ways to Monetize Your Blog Effortlessly

The Internet provides us with the means to get more creative, embrace new activities and discover new hobbies. People were quick to realize the fact that you donít need any previous experience or amazing writing skills to have your own blog. As long as you have something to say and people willing to read its contents, such a website can be a big source of entertainment. For the vast majority of people who write articles for their personal blogs, the goal isnít to make cash, but to have fun and get the message through.

However, there are plenty of examples of people who make a steady income by maintaining a blog and some have turned this hobby into a full-time job. For every success story, there are plenty of failures or at least cases in which people had to settle for insignificant amounts. The question is how can somebody really make money from a blog and which are the steps to take if you want to maximize your chances.

Make Your Blog Mobile Friendly to Thrive

People use desktop computers and laptops to write and publish the articles on their blogs. However, the vast majority of those who visit these websites and read their contents on a daily basis do so on tablets and smartphones. Thatís why, it is mandatory to go mobile as soon as possible, if you want to expand your customer base and make your website attractive.

It needs to run smoothly on these gadgets and it is vital to pay attention to mobile optimization. This is very similar to regular as SEO practices so any previous experience will come in handy. Not only the layout of the website needs to be optimized for mobile devices, but also the images. It can take a while to implement all these changes if you didnít think it through from the start, but itís still worth doing it. Obviously, the best way of handling things is by starting a mobile friendly blog from scratch.

Meanwhile, the core concepts that apply to all blogs are also in effect when it comes to websites optimized for mobile devices. The authors need to avoid writing long posts and the same goes for walls of text, regardless of their nature. Visitors are likely to linger for a long time even if they use a desktop computer, when the articles are too long. Such a practice has a deterring effect on mobile users, so keep it short and concise. Do yourself a favor and also insert page jumps to simplify and speed up navigation.

It’s Time to Consider Sponsored Content

The first step when setting up a blog should be the one of creating quality content and developing a crowd of followers. The more people read the articles, the easier it gets to convince companies and individuals to advertise on your website. Sponsored content is an important source of revenue for those who run a blog, but the key is to find relevant one. There is no shortage of offers out there, but in order to make the right choice, itís important to focus on content that is better suited for the niche of your blog.

The next step is to decide whether you are willing to open up your blog to direct advertising. The upside of choosing this path is that you stay in control of your website, by approving any content before it appears on the blog. Thereís also more money to be made so it appears to be win-win situation. Another decision to make early on is between CPM, CPC and fixed monthly fees. In most cases, a healthy mix of these options is the best choice, but then again it comes down to the type of blog you are running.

What Matters is the Return on Investment

Most blogs are created out of passion and the best greatly exceed expectations. Thatís when offers are overwhelmed with all the exposure and quite often they donít know how to handle it. Many are reluctant to spend cash on premium mobile app monetization, although this is the right thing to do. If you regard your blog as a business, then what matters is not the financial commitment, but the return on investment.

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