Malware Can Come From Many Sources But Norton 360 Can Stop It

There are individuals out there who are trying to spread malware to as many computers as they
can, and they come up with devious ways to do it. Luckily, internet security programs like Norton
360 are well equipped to prevent the progress of this malware in all its forms. Take a look at how
tricky the spread of this malware can be.

Email Attachments

By now, most people know not to open email attachments from strangers, but this is still a classic
way to spread malware. Cyber criminals try to make the content of emails as alluring as possible
to entice people to open attachments, and surprisingly, it still works sometimes. Ideally, you just
wouldn’t open strange email attachments, but even if you did, Norton 360 would help combat any

Hidden Within Programs

This is a sneaky trick. Malware can be hidden within programs. With all the free programs and
add-ons that are available currently, it can be difficult to tell which ones are legitimate and which
ones are seeking to damage your computer or steal personal information. Again, Norton 360
comes to the rescue if anything bad manages to make its way onto your computer.

Clicking On A Link

Your computer may even be subjected to malware if you click on the wrong link in an email or on
a website. Avoiding the links in emails is easy, but you may not always do it if an email seems to
be safe. Norton will protect you anyway.