Key Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Blogging, Marketing and SEO

You might have heard quite a bit of buzz surrounding artificial intelligence, and in particular how itís poised to impact the business world. Many companies donít realize theyíre already utilizing AI in some way or another. For example, with the use of Amazonís Machine Learning, businesses can take massive sets of data and identify patterns.

Itís not just data where the impact of artificial intelligence is being felt. Firmex reports they anticipate artificial intelligence has the potential to become a key component of mergers and acquisitions, even replacing lawyers in terms of scouring through contracts and performing due diligence.

While you may have some understanding of the role AI can play in business in general, what about as a blogger, marketer or anyone who works in the world of web design?

Below are some ways artificial intelligence may play a role in your career, or might already be a significant presence.


If you work in the digital industry, youíre already probably relying quite a bit on artificial intelligence, without necessarily realizing it. All of that automation thatís probably so essential to you, from email marketing to social and search, is built on AI concepts. Think about the workload you would have to take on if these processes werenít automated for you. For example, developing a list of email recipients and creating tailored content to send to them on a weekly basis. Many companies and freelancers and contractors are already building strategies that are based on principles of AI.


SEO has become such an integral part of blogging and web design that we donít even really think about whatís happening at its core, but again, the foundation is one of AI. Search engines, including Google, are becoming more sophisticated than ever when it comes to providing an audience with the content that meets their needs. Bloggers and digital professionals have to consistently stay on top of whatís happening with Googleís algorithms to be successful, and the future shows that SEO success will become more reliant on the ability to provide relevant content, with a focus on ranking factors that arenít necessarily traditional.

The Threats

If youíre involved in the digital world, whether as a hobby or a career, itís important to recognize not only the upsides of artificial intelligence in the industry but also the potential threats. This is something even the smallest of business owners are starting to put more of their attention toward. With increased artificial intelligence comes increased privacy threats and even hobbyist bloggers are having to find new and effective ways to balance their reliance on AI with their need to protect the privacy of their audience.

It’s undeniable that artificial intelligence is opening up a new world of opportunities for the public, and for businesses. It may sound like a distant concept, but it already has a tremendous impact on anyone in the blogging, web design or digital industries, and now itís important they learn how to use it to their advantage, without sacrificing privacy and security.