Key Elements of Web Design to Make Your Online Presence Prominent

An effective website is all you need to make your web presence prominent and make the most of the same. While designing a website the first thing that you need to consider is the web design team and marketing goal. Good web design is effective aids readers to take the desired action. Few key elements are important to create an online identity of the website. Often there are discussions regarding the elements that you need to include in your website. If you want to create a unique and distinctive image of your brand, then incorporating these elements is a must as it improve the online presence.

Have a good homepage

The first element that you need to emphasize is the homepage. A landing page is mandatory for creating any website. A homepage introduces the different products and services catered by the brand. Designers can tailor the homepage as per the need of the brand and the need of the brand. You can use the built-in templates for the homepages. If you are pro with codes, then you can tweak the colors, fonts and layout to create a webpage that stands apart from others. Incorporating the contact details in the website is another strategic move for an effective web presence. You can include the details in the homepage or the contact page.

Reflect brand identity and credibility

Logo is a must-have for your website. It is important for websites to have another identifier other than the name of the brand. Creating a logo is easy especially with the aid of the graphic designers. If you do not have a logo, you can create one that will reflect the identity of your business. You can incorporate testimonial of the clients in the website. You can dedicate a page to the endorsements of clients as this adds credibility to the website. However, it is important to remember that these testimonials should be visible to readers.

Importance of About Us page

An important aspect of web design is the About Us page. This helps the visitors especially the potential clients to have an insight of the brand. If you have a portfolio website then do not reflect your resume through this page, rather add value to the browsing experience of the readers. The About Us page should reflect the personality of the brand and narrate the story. Ensure that the content in the page is fresh, updated and unique. The About Us page reflects the professionalism and commitment of any brand. If you want to add information regarding the latest projects, then incorporating a blog regarding the same can be a good option.

Add a description to images

If you are planning to showcase your work then, add images that reflect the same and add a description to the same. You can also add links of your accomplishments if required link it to the client’s website. Linking your website to the clients will help you to reflect your best facets. Another important element that you need to incorporate is the typography. Consider the font and the size that are easy to read. If your content is difficult to read then, it will ruin the overall effect of your website.

Choice of an appropriate color

Use of color for font and background is important as it helps in complementing your brand. Often the designers use contrast colors as it helps in attracting the attention of readers. Visual appearance of the website is essential to keep the visitors engaged. Also, emphasize on the layout of the website as it helps in highlighting and organizing the content. It helps the readers to take the necessary action that you intend them to take. If you already have a website and want to improve its online presence then incorporate these elements during the redesigning process.