Improving Collaboration with Wrike’s Project Management Software

Effective collaboration is the key to a successful, highly productive workplace environment. However, implementing the right collaboration mindset is where many businesses fail. In environments where there are numerous ongoing projects (e.g. marketing agencies, software development companies), collaboration makes the difference between smooth, efficient project management and utter chaos. Here’s where Wrike’s project management software can help.

It is amazing how project management tools can have such a significant impact on the workplace. Wrike’s software is one that can easily transform how your team operates by delivering the key features a project manager may need to ensure smooth, effective collaboration in his or her team as well as tools to manage the team’s workflow. How can Wrike software improve collaboration in the workplace exactly?


Transparent view of team performance

The dashboard widgets within Wrike’s software for project management ensures that team leaders and team members can monitor project performance, deadlines, backlogs, and assigned tasks at a glance. If there is an issue with a project or a chance that a deadline can be missed, it can be identified easily by the team. Team leaders can also see if an employee appears to be struggling with a task if their contributions are less frequent or their progress is delayed.

The transparent dashboards enable much more efficient planning and execution. Team leaders can easily monitor how different team members perform on different tasks or projects and assign tasks more suited to each employee going forward. Even workload can be monitored since every member’s tasks are listed. This makes it easy to see when a teammate is overloaded with too many tasks.

Seamless task delegation

Wrike enables anyone, not just team leaders, to swiftly and easily assign tasks to other teammates. This ensures that everyone is aware of their exact responsibilities and enables stronger accountability. If a task is incomplete or running late, the team leader can easily identify which team members to speak to by checking who the task was assigned to.

Team members receive notifications if the tasks is changed or added to, ensuring that all team members can stay up to date on the status of tasks. The @mention feature also ensures seamless hand-offs between team members, notifying them of the task and reducing the amount of unnecessary meetings.


The whole team working from one tool, wherever, whenever

Wrike’s file sharing and email integration ensures that all team members can refer to one tool to check in on project status and their responsibilities. Often collaboration can fail as communication is conducted and work is shared over various channels (e.g. email and instant messaging used to communicate on projects, documents shared on internal drives).

With Wrike’s online project management software, everything can be found in one place. Team members can attach files from their hard drive, Box, DropBox, Google Drive, and OneDrive to tasks within Wrike and edit those documents online if needed. Tasks can be created, edited and assigned from within your own email client too using one of the email add-ins. This means that team members can collaborate on projects whenever and wherever they are. Wrike is also available as an iOS and Android app, ensuring that collaboration is possible via any device.

Strong team leaders are always looking for ways that they can streamline project management and collaboration in the workplace. With Wrike, the tool exists and has been intelligently developed to streamline every team’s work. Wrike is truly a welcome technology for today’s busy teams.