How to Get Powerful Testimonials for Your Business Website

Congratulations on launching your business, the website is beautifully designed and tells your story as it should – perfectly! In order to get the ball really rolling, you require endorsements and testimonials for your products or services. While getting positive reviews from raving fans and customers is easy, what do you do when dealing with new clients?

A testimonial is a public endorsement that will help people appreciate that you have a safe and trustworthy site. However, it has to be truthful and mention qualities of your top-notch product or service. That said, how do you get customer testimonials and, most importantly, how do you make sure they are amazing?

Offer Freebies and Giveaways

Once you’ve launched your business website, create a special offers section that includes time-limited discounts for new customers. Using techniques like cloud logging analysis, you can make sure that your site has no running errors. Ask customers to write a brief testimonial or if they’ll allow you to quote them on your site review page in exchange.

For instance, if you’re launching a mobile app, offer new customers a free trial period in return for them writing a review about the product in the app store. Later, reach out to these early users with follow up questions.

Some of the information you want is their experience, what made users take up the free trial offer, and what prevents them from upgrading to the paid tier. Answers you get from the questions will help improve your product, as well as sharpen your sales funnel focus.

Reward Review Customers

One of the best ways of getting testimonials is by offering customers a chance at winning a prize just for reviewing. Consider offering discounts, vouchers, and coupons. In addition, you can also start a giveaway contest for clients that send in a testimonial video based on your product.

Another way of implementing this is by incorporating customer reviews into your existing rewards or loyalty program. If you have a program in place, include writing a testimonial as something that awards the client with extra points. This will provide your clients with an incentive to share their opinion.

Rewarding your customers for things other than purchasing will encourage increased engagement. In addition, it will also create valuable customer reviews that will persuade prospective customers into buying from your business.

Use Twitter

Twitter is a great resource for testimonials for just about any type of online business or blog you can think of. At the platform, people vent, socialize and praise products and services when they work as intended. In addition, you will also notice a steady stream of people saying positive things about you and your business – if you are doing things well.

Testimonials from Twitter have the added advantage of looking more trustworthy since a tweet is public. You have the option of waiting until someone says something positive about your business and/or your website. You can also ask for testimonials or even search Twitter archives using tools like SnapBird, BackTweets and TwimeMachine.

Once you find great Twitter testimonials, take a screenshot or screen grab of the conversation. On a Mac, use the Command Shift 4 for the screenshot and the Snipping Tool in Windows 7 and above.


Word-of-mouth is the most powerful way of getting new customers and spreading knowledge about your business and its products or services. Further, real testimonials from actual paying customers are extremely powerful as social proof tools that will definitely increase your customer base. Therefore, don’t be shy when it comes to asking for reviews or testimonials – they can very well take your business to the next level!