How to Create Google Groups Web Forum

In order to run a successful website it’s important to have a place where the readers can comment and talk. Reader’s interaction is as important as the written material, otherwise the purpose remains unfulfilled. Web forums are the facilitating ways of enabling the readers to start a new discussion over any given topic. Those who run successful blogs are aware of the significance this communication can result in; it not helps in achieving the targets but also facilitates sales and gathering of communities as well.

If you are new to the blogging work or already have a blog but need the flavor of a Web Forum, this article will trail you through the steps you need to take for adding a FREE Google Groups Web Forum to your blogging. As for many the installation of a Forum on a BlogSpot blog is the main hurdle and then acquiring a third party Forum is an addition of the unwanted expense. But when you’re doing things according to Google’s way then why not use “Google Groups” as your Web Forum i.e. free of cost and do not need a third party vendor?

Before we start taking notes for how to create a Google Group Web Forum, here are the reasons why you should; it’s free of cost, it does not involve any third party, it’s customizable and is flexible! Now, proceed with the steps:

For a Google Group, you need to create one first and for this you need a Gmail account. If you already have, log in to your account and then enter this link into search bar or simply just go to!myforums. The page opens up with a navigation menu that has a “Create Group” option tab, click on the button and it should lead you to a page for information fill up. Here is what the page will ask you for and what you need to enter:

  • An option of “Group Name” is the first tab. The name depends on your choice and can be changed as per requirement.
  • The second option is for “Group Email Address”. You can enter the letters and it will create an email id for you as well as a URL.
  • The next area is of “Group Description”, how anything can work without description. Define and describe your group to help users and search engine understand.
  • A language option for “Groups primary language” field let’s you choose a language as per your needs.
  • The last option is for the “Group Type”, for which three options are shown- but for an online forum it’s off-course Web Forum as the type.

This make you complete the form and achieve in the form of “Google Group”. Simply click on “Create Group” and finish the group creation. Now the main and the easiest step for embedding the Google Group in blogging are as follows:

  • You would need to log in to your blogger account and go to “Add a new page”, choose “Edit HTML” tab from bloggers post editor and copy past the coding in HTML box with replacing the group forum name with the group email address.
  • Your last step requires clicking on “Publish” tab to finally publish your group.

Creating Google Groups Web Forum is another way of saying; when you have problems you have their solutions as well! This hassle just required going to promotional pens UK and finding the answer, now you have the answer-enjoy blogging!