How to Become a Pro at E-Sports

Do you dream about taking your gaming skills to a whole new level, and maybe make a career out of what you’re good at? The pros in E-sports earn millions in a year through sponsorship agreements and cash prizes. Too many of us, this was only a distant dream in the 90s, but has now become a real career for many hopeful young players today.

E-Sports: A Sport that Evolves Quickly

E-sports today is a well-developed sport, and team games on PCs fills up sports stadiums similar to football, hockey, and basketball. Abroad, thousands of players gather for tournament, just like the League of Legends World Championship, Valve’s annual World Championship in Dota 2, and the Halo World Championship – just to name a few. Here, the cash prizes are as much as 2-3 million dollars (!).

Even in the small country of Norway, E-sports have come to stay. The annual gathering at The Gathering has become a mecca for Norwegian E-sports fans, both among amateurs and professional players. If you’re able to claim yourself to be among the elite, there are other great opportunities to let this hobby become the livelihood.

In the same way as chess, E-sports is about how to master the game, how to analyze the opponent and how to make the right countermeasures. Therefore, to be good you must practice. A lot. Another good tip is challenging yourself against players who are stronger than you. Since E-sports take place online, you have access to opponents across the world. Pick up useful tips from the opponents and use these to train your own skills.

Select the Right Equipment

In most sports, you depend on the right equipment to be good. Obviously, it also requires a certain dose of patience, dedication and talent, but it all starts with the right equipment. Straight gaming equipment raises the gaming experience, and can therefore be a good motivational boost to be good at the game. However, when it comes to equipment used in E-sports, this may be an expensive affair. A good desktop gaming PC can cost a lot.

You can, of course, find an OK gaming PC at a quarter of the price too, but to claim yourself in the elite, you’ll be needing a powerful PC and a high refresh rate display. Other equipment that is important to the gaming experience, is a keyboard that you can customize according to personal needs and a precise mouse. Last but not least, you should get a tilted headset that gives you a great sound experience.

How to Finance the Equipment

Professional gaming equipment is expensive, and it may be difficult to find the funds to invest in the e-sports dream. And especially if you have to start from scratch and therefore have to buy everything new. So how can you finance the equipment in a good way? One way to get extra money is to get an extra job. With an extra job, you can get flexible shifts to suit your schedule, thus putting money reserved for gaming equipment.

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