General Tips on How to Choose a Mattress

There are so many types of mattresses in the market. There is also so much information that can help you decide on the right mattress since not all the best mattresses can suit your body. You must understand your sleeping style and any other factors that can affect the choice of mattress you make.

If you are a side sleeper for instance, it is not advisable to use a firm mattress. It is neither advisable to sleep on a very soft mattress if you are side sleeper though exceptions exists for some individuals. The main part of any side sleeper is to get the sweet spot which is a mattress that will offer the correct amount of support. The right mattress for a side sleeper should not stress the hips and shoulders. Instead, it will relieve pressure on those parts. The soft mattresses will let the body sink maintaining the body alignment throughout the sleep. The key here is fairly soft. Your body should sink a bit in order for the spine to remain well aligned. Sinking too much or no enough sinking can lead to poor sleeping and can cause one to feel pain in the morning.

If you are a back sleeper, your lower back requires support. The right mattress for side sleepers falls towards the firm end of the mattress. This is where the mattress is capable of offering support without becoming too stiff. A mattress that is too stiff will push the spine making one feel uncomfortable. The right mattress for back sleepers is one that is fairly firm since it will support the back and the body.

For stomach sleepers, they are not supposed to sink too much as this will affect their backs. Medium firm mattresses provide the correct level of support for stomach sleepers. This prevents them from arching their backs while sleeping and offers them the support needed on their midsection. Most of the best mattresses for side sleepers that you will find at The best mattress provide medium firm support and they also help in preventing bad posture and back pain that can be brought about by this sleeping style.

There are some individuals who do not fit any of the above sleeping styles and their needs need to be met as well. Some people have more than one sleeping style and others have some health issues or share a bed with someone and these all have different sleeping needs. The first category is that of combination sleepers. If you are a side sleeper, a back sleeper and a stomach sleeper at the same time, look for a mattress that will provide you enough support in all those sleeping positions. That mattress should be soft enough to support you side sleeping but should not be too soft when it comes to stomach sleeping.

The second category is couples. One of you may be a back sleeper and the other a side sleeper. If you have varying sleeping styles ensure the mattress you buy can support all those styles and also pay attention to motion transfer. A part from that, the mattress has to be big enough. The best type of mattress to consider here is the memory foam mattress since it responds differently to each one’s temperature, weight and shape.

Another category of sleepers is those who sleep with pets. If you sleep with your pet motion transfer is very critical. You need to ensure that there is enough sleeping space. Guest beds are another category. For guest beds, it is very hard to determine the best mattress for various needs. For this category, it is recommended to stick to mattresses which can accommodate various sleeping styles.