Freepik: Free Vectors and PSD’s

Freepik is a completely free search engine especially intended to be a useful tool for web and graphic designers, when looking for images, PSD and vectors. They keep updating their database. Thus, everytime you start a new search, probably you’ll have chances to find new contents.

It visits hundreds of sites in every search and finds the most suitable files for your search, according to criteria of quality and relevance. Then, it displays the results orderly, in accordance with your needs. Once you choose the desired image or file, it redirects you to the host site, saving your time and effort.

Freepik has been developed by web designers, so it suits our needs in this field (it is easy to notice how usefully some of the utilities have been created for solving this or that inconvenience that we often find in our activity.

You don’t need to register for downloading files with Freepik. Nevertheless, the news that encouraged me to write this review are mainly related to the user’s account.

Among the utilities you could already use before, you could find the possibility of saving your favorite files or to keep a history of all your downloads (both are quite helpful and help reducing time searching for similar images.

What is new is that now you can link your account to social networks, so you can share information and contacts from Freepik to your Facebook and Google accounts and vice versa.

Definitely Freepik is the most used search engine by designers to download free vectors and PSD, the amount of content that has indexed more than 1.3 million free graphics resources. Visit it at