Four Ways to Get Your New Blog Noticed

When it comes to starting a new blog, many bloggers think that itís as easy as simply building the blog, and waiting for the traffic to come in. However, unfortunately it takes a bit more work than that. Many new blog owners become overly focused on getting Google to send them tons of traffic through SEO. And, whilst itís not to be overlooked that Google traffic is good and SEO is important, itís vital that blog owners realise that thereís more to be done when it comes to building up traffic and a blog following – and it often involves getting off your blog and getting to the places where your target market can find you. Weíve put together some of the best ways in which you can get your new blog noticed.

Four Ways to Get Your New Blog Noticed

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Search Engine Optimization

Although we said itís important not to focus all of your energies on SEO, itís still vital that you have a good SEO strategy in place to ensure that you rank highly enough on search engine results. Whether you choose to carry out your SEO by yourself or employ the services of an SEO Dublin company, itís vital that you keep up to date with Googleís forever changing algorithms. When it comes to good SEO the content that you put on your blog is crucial, so spend time to research keywords and create evergreen content.

Social Media

Sharing your blog content on social media sites is one sure fire way to draw more attention to it. By setting up a social networking page for your blog on Facebook, Twitter, or both, you can gather a social media following together whoíll also be able to share your content with their followers and so forth, exposing your blog and its content to a much wider audience. Having a social media account for your blog also makes it more interactive for users, and allows them to keep track of any new content that you add.

Take Advantage of Free-to-Use Sites

There are a number of sites available that will allow you to publish content free of charge, such as HubPages or Tumblr, and you can use these sites to create content that will be exposed to more members of your target audience. These sites are usually well optimised for SEO, and have a good chance of reaching higher rankings in search engine results. Leave a link to your blog in the content that you create so that readers who like what they see can click through and read more.

Hang Out Where Your Target Audience Hangs

If your blog has a specific topic, itís a good idea to hang out for a while each day on other similar blogs and market-related forums and discussion boards. This way, youíll be able to draw more attention to your blog by posting links to it, or in the case of forums including a link in your signature.

How do you increase traffic to your blog? Weíd love to hear from you in the comments.