Four Ways to Add Social Media to Your Web Design

When designing a new website, most business owners consider the usability of the website, in addition to how they want it to look.  However, most don’t instantly think about integrating it with social media platforms.  Unfortunately, in this day and age, ignoring the importance of social media can be catastrophic for a business, as it could lead to you missing out on impressions, interactions, and ultimately sales.  So, once you have hired the best web design company you can find, keep the following tips in mind relating to social media and web design.

Add Social Media to Your Web Design

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Enable Social Logins

Social logins enable visitors to your site to log-in using their Facebook or Twitter account.  This reduces the amount of time that it takes for visitors to sign up to your website, which has been proven to increase the conversion rate for subscriptions.  Social logins can also be configured so that when a visitor comments on a blog post, for example, the comment will also be published on their social media page – thus helping you to market to the commenter’s friends and followers.

Incorporate Facebook Reviews

Lots of small businesses have a testimonials section on their website, but often this can appear to be ‘made up’ reviews that have only been published to cast the company in a positive light.  A better idea is to incorporate Facebook reviews on your site.  By simply asking your customers to review your company, you can quickly and easily build up a selection of reviews that appear more realistic to your visitors.  Whilst you may end up with the odd negative review, almost all companies who have decided to incorporate Facebook reviews on their website have seen a marked increase in conversions.

Install Share Buttons

Whether you run an e-commerce website or a blog, having share buttons is vital.  Share buttons enable your website’s visitors to share links to the products or pages on your site.  This is essentially a free form of advertising, yet it is a very effective one.  Many people place trust in what their friends like, and one simple share could lead to a handful of new customers.  Plus, all shares form a chain, so it only takes one person to find a page or product interesting, for it to be visible to thousands of new people.  This is one form of social media that you shouldn’t ignore.

Embed YouTube Videos

Websites that contain YouTube videos tend to rank better on the search engines than websites that don’t include any form of video media.  One of the main reasons for this is that YouTube videos engage readers, and keep them interested in a specific page.  Videos that help your visitors can also help to increase conversion rates for your products or services.

Social media is such a popular thing nowadays that it makes no sense at all to ignore it when designing a website.  Keep the above tips in mind, and ensure your content is relevant for your target audience.  If you follow the advice in this article, you should see an improvement in your visitor and sales figures.