Find a Web Hosting for Better SEO

When you start a new website, one of your expectations is the site can have a good ranking in search engine. So, how to rank well? In addition to your own efforts, itís also critical to find a suitable hosting.

Certainly, a stable and fast hosting can effectively improve search engine ranking for your website. In this article, we concluded several valuable points that can help you find a web hosting for better SEO.

Geographic Location

This comes for reasons why we always suggest you go with the web hosting that close to your location, in the same country would be better. It is not only for getting fast hosting performance and more easily support service, but also for SEO purposes.

Generally, the search engine would consider your website more relevant for a special location if they are hosted in the same country as well.

Selection of Operating System

Operating system selection does not require any skill; you just need to know about your website demands.

If you are going to create a personal blog, intending to use WordPress or Drupal blog software or PHP/MySQL based site, you just feel free to choose Linux or Unix platform. But if you are developer need ASP/ASP.NET supported server, then you have to go with Windows platform.

Uptime Guarantee

Excluding routine maintenance, the hosting uptime cannot be less than 99.5%, or it would cause trouble for search engine access. When ranking a website, Google will refer its accessibility and speed.† Thus, the web hosting you choose has to guarantee 99.9% uptime to its customers.

URL Rewrite

With URL Rewrite features, you could make the web site url friendly to search engine. This feature is supported in both Apache and IIS, so do make sure your web host provide this.

Other Aspects

Besides, you have to check some other features that the web hosting includes enough bandwidth, disk space, etc. That can avoid your site stopping running due to space shortage. If you feel your existing web hosting is not the right one, you can easily transfer to other reliable web hosting because it will not affect your ranking.

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