Experts Agree Web Hosting Can Make Or Break A Business

Today, almost all consumers access the Internet on a daily basis. Their reasons for doing so vary. Some shop online, while others leverage the Internet to perform in-depth research. The Internet undeniably offers a wealth of opportunities to business owners. However, things can quickly go awry if the business selects the wrong hosting company. In fact, there is a major difference between having a website and having a successful website. Experts agree that selecting the wrong hosting company can paralyze a business and restrict their growth prospects.

Today, the majority of experts concur that choosing the right web hosting is absolutely crucial for your business. Making the wrong choice will come with severe repercussions that could ultimately put your business on the verge of premature bankruptcy. For starters, one of the biggest repercussions of selecting the wrong hosting company is a loss of revenue. Despite promising to have an uptime of 99.9%, most web hosting companies do not. In fact, some of the lower quality service providers are lucky to offer 75% uptime. As long as your website is offline, you’re losing crucial revenue.

Just recently, Amazon’s website was taken offline for just 40 minutes. During that span of time, the company lost around five million dollars. Choose a company that will be able to keep your site online consistently. If you do not, you will regret it severely in the near future. Another thing to remember is that cyber security is more important than ever before. Today, websites and companies are major targets for hackers and other nefarious individuals. Whether you’re looking for cheap reseller hosting or Cloud hosting, you’ll want to place a great deal of emphasis on the hosting company’s security protocols.

A security breach can ultimately lead to your site being knocked offline, lost revenue, and a decrease on trust between your company and the client. Make sure that your hosting company performs regular scans. Simultaneously, it is vital to choose a company that provides good customer service and free backups. Backups will ensure that you’re able to retrieve your website’s data should something go wrong. A breach of security can severely damage your company’s reputation and that can spread through word of mouth. To prevent your company’s reputation from being tarnished, it is vital to stick with a reliable company with strict security protocols.

In today’s time, the loading speed of your website is a very important factor that can make or break your website. With high speed cable and high-speed Wi-Fi, Internet surfers are no longer willing to wait around for a few extra minutes for your website to load. In fact, in 2006 people were willing to wait around 4 seconds for a page to load. By 2009 studies showed that the average surfer was willing to only wait 3 seconds. If you do no choose a great hosting company that can provide you with lightning fast loading speeds your customers aren’t going to be willing to stick around. This will simply push them right in the hands of the competition.

Choose the right hosting package and company to give your company a chance for success.