Enhancing Your Blog With Nature

People tend to notice things that stick out from their current surroundings. For example, if you’re sitting in an air-conditioned, neutral colored office, you notice greenery and natural elements more while you’re browsing online. A study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology notes that “Natural environments turn out to be particularly rich in the characteristics necessary for restorative experiences.” Nature can be a powerful tool that can draw attention and highlight your blog if framed properly.

Link Your Product to the Outdoors

A lot of people are looking for some sort of escape, adventure, and change of pace in their daily lives. There’s a number of surveys claiming that some people would take a proportional pay cut to do less at their company and that people in general are unsatisfied with the amount of work they do while simultaneously desiring a better social life. Figuring out the relationship between your niche and nature can be a key way for tapping into an effective mechanism for grabbing the attention of others.

A lot of innovative and creative Instagram post ideas come from linking an otherwise mundane product with nature. Take TOMS shoe company, for example, which chose to give out a pair of shoes during their campaign for posters with pictures of their naked feet linking the #WithoutShoes hashtag. The company’s efforts were seen as promoting a positive social outcome (the welfare and health of children) while significantly raising brand awareness – tripling the traffic to their website – in the same step.

Try the replicating the approach that TOMS took. Nature and the outdoors are already socially desirable fields and topics when considered on the whole. If you can work your product into something involving physical activity outdoors (for example, maybe you sell used hockey skates), you will be able to harness the power of a psychological strategy that grips and compels online audiences through showing people what they want to see.

Encourage Group Activities That Involve Nature

You want to tug and explore topics that will definitively lead to increases in interest or reputation for your product. A basic way you can do this is by simply linking your product with anything that involves outdoors activities since a large proportion of people are looking for ways to spend their social time outside. The assumption here is that people will want to participate in groups while going on trips to new locations outside because they want to share experiences with people they enjoy being around.

So, if you want to enhance your blog you should add group activities into the mix along with nature. Think about how much of a difference regular activities and hangouts have when you do them alone in comparison to doing them in the company of your best friends. Branding that incorporates a social element not only reaches more people, it makes the product more accessible for individuals.

People are attracted to great premises involving nature and group activities, and that’s enough to compel them to try out a service they’ve heard little of or never seen before. A look at the Pokemon Go phenomenon, where a location-based outdoors app based around the popular handheld single-player Pokemon games shot up to 28.5 million users in July of 2016, shows how often people are willing to accept a popular premise with little substance if it conforms to what they believe is fun and social. Comparatively, the number of active users now fluctuates around 5 million in 2017.

There are a number of ways you can render your product as encouraging both natural and social elements. The simplest and most obvious is to just capture a group of people using your product in some way in the outdoors. You can alternatively try strategies that involve infiltrating and influencing specific groups of users, such as by researching Facebook groups and Instagram influencers relevant to your niche and getting them to pitch your product.

Focusing On The Location of Your Audiences

Tech is totally changing the orientation of traditional marketing. Due to the prevalence of geolocation services, it’s possible to pin down a user’s location and figure out their possible interests just from patterns in the data of their movements. Fortune magazine notes that geolocation services has revolutionized the face of marketing: “Every advertiser has an understanding of where consumers are located through their devices translated as specific GPS coordinates.”

Focusing on the location of your audiences allows your business to potentially appeal more greatly to specific demographics that use your products. For instance, you might be offering a brand of fitness tools that is hugely popular only in cities like Seattle or you might be running a touring service that functions in Maine. Headlines and content that involve the specific location of the user and invoke it based on their IP can have an uncanny effect at marketing to your audience.

For a user in Maine, your content might change to focus more on how increased revenues from touring will not only benefit the state but also drive progress for Maine in unexpected ways. After exploring social and natural themes, you’ll have optimized a format and specification that allows for the greatest impact for your blog by grabbing the attention of a casual viewer based on popular trends and their personal location.