How to Create a Google Friendly Website

Having a site ready for Google is a very important thing in today’s online world. Google provides a massive amount of traffic and you need to make sure your website is Google-friendly. Here are a few steps to follow to ensure you have a site ready for the highest possible listing on the Google Search Engine.

Get Other Sites to Link to Your Site

One of the most powerful things you can do is get other websites to actually links to yours. However, this has to be done in the right way or it won’t help you very much. When the links are not natural and they don’t happen properly, they can cause you more harm than good.


Unnatural links are the type of links that are used to make a website look more popular than it really is. Only natural links will help your ranking and help make your website more Google-friendly.

Give Users What They Came For

Maybe the most important thing you need to do in order to create a Google-friendly website is give users what they came to your site for. If they searched the web for something specific, which led them to your website, you need to deliver on the promise of the search they performed.

Information-rich websites rank very well in Google because they provide accurate information about the overall topic of the website. Make sure you deliver on the promises of each page and post if you want to create a better site for Google.

Create a Very Accessible Website

Using a logical ink structure with at least one static text link per page is very important. It can be very helpful to use a text browser to examine your site and see it more how the spiders will see it. If you want to use another web host , check out dailyhosting for reviews on hosting companies.You want to make sure the spiders can crawl your site and if anything is keeping the text browser from accessing your website, it may be keep the spiders from accessing your site, too.

Things to Avoid

Along with some of the things you can do to make your site more Google-friendly, there are things you should certainly avoid doing, which include:


  • Don’t stuff keywords into each page
  • Don’t “cloak” pages
  • Don’t Create “crawler only” pages
  • Avoid any Deceptive Tactics
  • Don’t Use images for important links, content or names
  • Don’t use the same page on another URL

The best way to make sure you avoid doing these things is simply to do everything as natural as possible. Don’t purchase large backlink packages and don’t allow your site to become associated with an SEO service that uses deceptive tactics. These types of things can actually cause more harm than good.

If you want to create a Google-friendly website, you need to start by making it very user-friendly. Provide high quality information throughout your site and don’t spend time or money trying to use deceptive tactics to rank higher. Instead, allow your site to age naturally and grow over time, which will ensure you have a better chance of ranking high on Google for the long term.