What are the Common Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Link Building Strategy For Your Website

In order to be successful with your off-page SEO you need to ensure that you get your link building strategies right. Lin building may be time consuming and expensive but the rewards are worth more than the sacrifices- Link building helps your blog to rank higher in search engines. For this reason it is very important to identify some link building errors that can affect your blog’s performance negatively. For more information on common link building mistakes to avoid, you can click on the following link: https://www.linksmanagement.com

Not using keywords within your contextual links

This is one of the most serious link building errors you may be committing. Though it is quite important to have multiple backlink profiles hence you must incorporate essential keywords in your anchor texts if the opportunity comes. You should try and use a wide variety of keywords in different contextual links to boost your SERP results.

You only get low quality links

Link building is all about quality more than quantity of links. A good quality link is the one that adds value to visitors to your blog, and if there are too many low value links on your website or blog, you may get your blog penalized, but good quality links will improve your SERP result.

All your backlinks have “NoFollow” attribute

You need to understand the meaning of the Follow and Nofollow attributes in order to know their importance. When you use NoFollow attributes may not necessarily boost your search engine rankings significantly but they have their own benefits. You need to keep a balance between the “DoFollow” and “NoFollow” attributes I your backlinks, in order to pass the high link juices from those websites unto yours.

You get backlinks from websites that spiders can’t crawl

No matter how good a website is, it is possible for the site to get blocked by robots.txt or get cached by search engines such as Google, these issues can render the website useless. Make sure you don’t waste time building links with websites that cannot be indexed.

Focusing more on homepage links

Focusing more on home page links can be a great mistake you are committing. Though most of your backlinks will target your home pages, but in actual sense, having variations in backlinks, by targeting other web pages can increase your position on search engines even more.

Getting backlinks from irrelevant websites

Getting backlinks through irrelevant websites is one of the commonest mistakes made by bloggers. Though getting backlinks everywhere is a sign of desperation for traffic and higher search engine ranking, but it may lead to serious penalties. If you operate a dating blog or website, you don’t have any business getting backlinks from a website that focuses on finance. Getting links from irrelevant websites looks unnatural hence it may damage your website’s reputation.

Getting too many backlinks within the shortest period of time

New bloggers often become mad with getting the most backlinks within the shortest possible time. Link building will only remain useful for your website when it is done systematically. The quality of backlinks you get matter more in SEO and not quantities.

Not checking your linked sites regularly

Search engines like Google do count backlinks in ranking websites, but many bloggers ignore anchor texts. You need to consider using anchor texts when building your links because they show that you constantly check your linked websites.

In conclusion, it is very important to avoid these common backlink mistakes in order to ensure that you get to the right spot on search engines and boost traffic.