Cogniview – A Professional Tool for Converting PDF to Excel

The widely used PDF format can be great in some cases but in many situations people prefer the Excel format, for a lot of different reasons. Now it is possible to convert from PDF to Excel using PDF2XL by Cogniview so that you and your business can study and work on your data in whichever way you feel more comfortable with. Find out why massive companies such as HP, IBM, and NBC all use this powerful and professional conversion tool, and why they trust it to handle their important information.

Tool for Converting PDF to Excel

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Fast and Easy Conversion

Speed is important to any business, and PDF2XL has got you covered in that department, but it is also important to avoid mistakes wherever possible. A mistake during the conversion process of important data such as invoices and other financial information could end up costing you in the long run, and that is why you need a professional tool that is not only accurate but also has built-in options such as error correction control.

The whole process is made easier by allowing you to create layouts for a single PDF file that will apply to all of the other similarly formatted files you need to convert. This improves the accuracy and flexibility of the software by allowing you to customize the way you want your data to be transferred over to Excel format just one time before converting hundreds or thousands of documents.

Another factor in the ease of use of this application is that it is available in most major languages such as Spanish, French, German, and others, including English of course.

No Need to Hire More Workers

In the past, you may have thought about hiring one or more extra workers to slowly and painstakingly transfer data from one format to another, but now even the thought of doing that sounds absurd to professionals with the right tools.

If your data is “trapped” inside scanned PDF files, or other images such as JPG and PNG, then your ability to work on and sort that information is severely limited. At the very least this will slow down your operation and force you or other employees to either transfer the data over by yourselves or work at a slower pace.

Comparing the Different Versions Available

There are three different versions available to purchase and download; these are PDF2XL Basic, OCR, and Enterprise. The basic version, as the name suggests, is the least expensive option with the least amount of functions. The OCR version adds the ability to process scanned (image) PDF documents; the Enterprise version comes with everything including functions to convert regular images such as JPG and PNG, scan paper documents straight to Excel, and more options to make your life easier.

The prices vary a lot between each of the different versions, and at first glance they may seem fairly expensive depending on what type of software you are used to purchasing. There is a good reason for this though; it takes a great deal of time to develop an application like this to a professional level that is not just fast but also very accurate and flexible in the way it approaches the conversion process.

It is also important to keep in mind that you will not be on the hook for monthly payments until the end of time. These are one-time purchases with no strings attached to try to squeeze more money out of you later on. There is also a free 14 day trial option available if you would like to try before you buy, and if you really only need this software for a short time you can buy a 30 day license, although this will end up costing more in the long run if you decide that you need to use it again.

The developer of PDF2XL is a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner which is a great sign that this is a business you can trust, along with the fact that they have been developing this application for over 10 years. Find out for yourself why so many large companies trust this application with their important data by starting a free trial today, and read more reviews and information on the website before making a final decision on the purchase.