Is Cloud Hosting Secure?

There is an increasing demand for web hosting which means that hosting companies are offering a vast array of packages that come with many features and options. It can be difficult to find the perfect host because there can be too many hosts and options available but one option is cloud hosting. Many website builders are managed from the cloud too. All editing of the website can be done by your control panel. Cloud hosting really is changing the way we work.

Cloud Hosting what is it?

Cloud hosting is ideal for those who want the correct amount of resources such as traffic, space, bandwidth a RAM to help get their websites working perfectly, this also works well for web hosting companies that want to get the maximum performance from their own technologies and servers.

Cloud hosting falls under three categories known as infrastructure services (IaaS), platforms (PaaS) and Software (SaaS). Cloud networks can be public or private.

Benefits of Using Cloud Hosting

The main advantage of cloud hosting is that it is extremely versatile and using a web host that offers cloud hosting will make it possible to either pay a fixed price for a set amount of resources or to have a customised plan that meets the requirements of your website. There is a belief that the days have gone where everyone pays the same amount for cloud hosting because they are now able to pay what they wish depending on their requirements. This means that cloud hosting is flexible and has the ability to offer quick changes to resources in just a few clicks.

It is possible to achieve an improved uptime and because cloud hosting works to re-assign services on different servers it means that it has improved stability which leads to an increase in speed. Each server has a dedicated role and should there be any problems the system will not completely shutdown ensuring that everything continues to run as it should.

Let’s not forget that cloud computing offers a great amount of security and all cloud hosting companies should come with the correct firewall’s, antivirus, anti-spam and back-up solutions as well as a lot more.

The cloud has a lot of security controls and they work to reduce attacks, there are preventative controls that improve the security of the system by reducing or eliminating vulnerabilities. There are a number of detective controls that seek out and react accordingly to stop any security problems whilst corrective controls work by reducing the damage caused when an incident occurs.

Other security measures put in place are things such as identity management that controls access to any information on the systems as well as protecting resources. From a physical security viewpoint, all hardware such as routers, servers and cabling are only accessible by certain individuals and it is also protected from fire, theft, floods and interference.  There is often on- sight security that screen individuals before they are employed and after they are employed to ensure that they pose no threat and there is constant training and security awareness.  There is security in place for all applications on the system (Saas) whilst all personal data is encrypted.

Is Cloud Hosting Really That Secure?

Cloud hosting has moved on considerably in recent years which means that it is extremely secure. Hosting companies use a number of methods to ensure that everything is completely locked down, from a physical perspective and a virtual perspective and this ensures that all hardware and software are kept safe and secure from those who should not have access.

Cloud hosting is slowly becoming more and more popular and it is likely that one day it will become the norm, especially because people are now understanding that their data is secure which is important given the world we live in today.