Choosing the Right Web Host: Complete Cheat Sheet

On the online space, a business website often serves as a primary storefront for your business. Regardless of whether you’ve a simple frills-free website or a sophisticated online platform, your website is where you make the all-important first impression to your potential customers.

Fortunately, with the assistance of a web host, businesses can create a public presence that is refined and professional similar to a site developed by IT experts.

Why Choose the Right Web Host?

In our comprehensive review of Bluehost, you’ll see there’re numerous reasons why you would want to choose the right web host.

For starters, choosing the wrong, bad host can severely affect the overall performance of your business website, including deteriorating the load speeds.

Considering that more than 40% of the potential clients will abandon the site that takes more than 4 seconds to load, you can only imagine the revenue you’ll be losing.

Generally, however, one of the critical reasons for choosing the right web host is to improve on the revenue, which we’ve already mentioned above.

The second critical reason is the SEO aspect; having a reliable website with fast speeds, is among the major ranking factors. Having a good rapport on Google’s eye is going to benefit your business in numerous ways, including higher ranking and more.

Ultimately, whether it’s a positive SEO impact or fast loading speeds, they all pingback to increased revenues and exposure for your business, which to me, are the most crucial aspect of any business.

What Features Should Be Considered When Choosing A Web Host


The right web hosting service should have the ability to provide a secure website infrastructure with active security protocols and the latest updates to keep off the ambush of frequent cyber-attacks. It would help if you negotiated the security features, expectations, and guarantees.


Online customers have little tolerance to slow loading websites. The performance of a web host is hence an essential factor to consider when choosing the ideal web host. Some of the things to consider when comparing the performance of different web hosts include; the hardware, the speed, and the hosting server you choose. These will determine the kind of performance you should expect from the web host.

Mobile Capability

Currently, there are more than 3 billion global mobile internet users meaning there are more online mobile users than desktop users. Mobile interaction is vital for your business success; thus, you should choose a web host that is capable of creating a dynamic website that can be well displayed on smartphone devices.

Ease of Use

Most business owners have only some basic knowledge of website operations and optimizations. It is hence crucial for you to choose a web host with a user-friendly interface that lets you update your content easily, track visitor activity, and manage your site. Such a configuration will help for the smooth operation of your business website.


The cost of web hosting is one of the most crucial details to consider when choosing the right web host. Most of the web hosting services provide their basic services at an affordable cost. On average, the web host subscription plans, including buying a domain name goes for less than $10 every month. It’s advisable that you inquire about all about any extra charges and get everything in writing in the form of a service level agreement.


As you’ve already seen, there’re numerous reasons why you would want to choose the right web hosting platform.

Fortunately, our clean sheet above will help you make a more informed choice in the search on your next web host provider. Whichever host you choose, ensure that they can meet all your hosting demands.