The Best Website Hosting for Bloggers

Blogs are quickly growing to take up much of the internet, and itís easy to see why. In today’s digital age, itís easier than ever to set up your own blog whether you want to share your interests with others or make extra income online. There are so many options for bloggers that it can be confusing when trying to make the best decision about where to host your blog. Hereís how to choose the best website hosting as a blogger.

Avoid free website hosts

There are a lot of free hosts out there nowadays, and you might think these are perfect for beginners. The truth is, thereís nothing good about starting on a free host if you want to be serious about blogging. Free hosts like and Blogger might be easy to use, but they are incredibly limited. They also pose a problem when trying to monetize your blog since the free host technically owns your content. Itís very affordable to host your blog through a paid host, and thereís no reason to avoid paying by choosing a limiting free host.

Why you need a high-quality website host

As a blogger, you have enough to worry about when it comes to your website. You need to have a high-quality host that can keep up with your growth as a blogger. When youíre just getting started, you might not have to worry about storing large files or utilizing customer support. These things are important as you grow, however, and you need a quality host that understands the importance of bloggers.

Having high-quality web hosting means not having to worry about server errors, downtime, or slow loading speeds. You also have the comfort of knowing you can contact customer support if you have an issue, and youíll receive a response quickly. This customer support will be a valuable resource that you wonít know you need until you run into an unexpected problem.

What are the best WordPress hosts?

The most common blogging platform is WordPress, and there are many web hosts that cater mainly to WordPress websites. Here are the best WordPress hosts to consider when choosing your web hosting. Donít forget to do your research to decide which of these is best for your needs as a blogger.

SiteGround is one of the most popular and well-known website hosts. It started in 2004, and has quickly grown to be one of the most reliable WordPress hosts available. With reliable customer support and perfect uptime scores, SiteGround is easily the most trusted web host. If youíre hosting more than one website on the same package, there are a lot of different options and customizations available. Though more expensive than most budget web hosts, SiteGround is well worth, according to this online SiteGround review.

A more affordable option for newer bloggers is GoDaddy which is easily one of the most well-known budget options. With a variety of packages and hosting options, GoDaddy has a lot to offer beginning bloggers. GoDaddy also is known for its great customer service, so youíll have all the help you need setting up your WordPress blog from start to finish.

Finally, Bluehost was recently voted the best WordPress host for bloggers. While Bluehost also has great uptime and quality service, what really sets it apart from other web hosts is its one click WordPress installation. Your blog will be up and running in no time!

Get the hosting your website deserves

Your blog deserves quality web hosting. If you have a blog, you need hosting that is reliable. Uptime, customer support, and response speed are all important things good web hosts have that set them apart. Do your research so you know youíre getting the best hosting for your money!