Benefits of Using Responsive WordPress Themes

Tablets and smartphones are constantly growing in popularity among those that browse the internet. With this in mind, every single small business out there should consider using responsive design. We see that sales through mobile platforms are growing and so many can be said about the benefits associated with the use of responsive WordPress themes. However, we will only stay focused on the most important ones.

One Site Version For All Devices

Responsive WordPress themes will look great on any screen. This means that you will see suitable site versions on really small smartphones and on large screen desktop computers. It is no longer necessary to build multiple site versions for different devices.

The themes that are not responsive will only look great on desktops. If that is what you are using at the moment, it is really important that you take a step back and that you invest in a responsive theme whenever you notice the fact that mobile traffic is growing on your website.

Increased Search Engine Rankings

Basically all SEO services associated with responsive WordPress themes are more effective than those done for non-responsive themes. The fact that you may need multiple site versions if non-responsive design is used can drastically hurt rankings, which is definitely not something that you want to be faced with.

It should be added that Google publicly announced that the websites that have a responsive design will be placed higher in search results because of the fact that we see around half of the searches being down with the use of mobile devices these days. Something like this cannot be dismissed and the future is definitely moving towards responsive design.

Increased Brand Awareness

This is one advantage that few people actually understand. Mobile browsing grows and when someone enters your site, there will be a first impression that has to be taken into account. If somebody visits your website and it does not look great, your brand will suffer.

The WordPress responsive theme can easily generate more leads towards local clients that are browsing the World Wide Web in search for services and products with the use of a mobile device. With this in mind, you want to take the option into account since you want to offer exactly what the potential clients want from a service/product like yours.

Increased Traffic

When the site is not responsive, people will leave as they do not see it properly. This means that the possibility of getting a share or a recommendation is reduced. Couple that with the SEO factors that were mentioned above and we can automatically realize the fact that there is an automatic increase in web traffic when using a responsive WordPress theme. You can have the best content in the world and that is irrelevant if people do not get to see it.

As you can easily see, it is vital that you only think about using responsive WordPress themes. A failure to do this will ultimately lead towards a loss of profits, which is definitely not what you want to see.