How to Arrange Your WordPress Site for Higher Visitor Engagement

Content arrangement is highly important when referring to any WordPress site. Although there are some limitations that appear due to various theme features that may appear, we can make sure that we properly arrange the site so that visitor engagement is as high as possible, which is vital for any site success. Take all the time that you may need in order to make sure that you take advantage of the tips below.

Above The Fold Elements

In order to have better engagement, you want to offer options that are above the fold or just a little under it. For instance, when you look at this Optionsxpress Review, you will notice that right after the first paragraph there is a button with an offer. When you use such placements, it is a guarantee you would get more engagement, especially when the link moves the visitor towards another part of the site instead of towards an external link.

Related Content

You should always try to offer some of related content part in your pages. A lot of people use plugins like Jetpack to give access to related links at the end of a WordPress article. This is always a great idea but there are some options that you can take advantage of as extras. Make a list of the best articles on the site and add those on the sidebar. There are even options that are available for those that would like to add related content at the top of an article. When you have related content, there is a higher possibility that a visitor would spend more time on your site, which is something you want.

Think Readability

It is vital for all the content offered to have a high readability rating. This is especially true for some types of articles, like reviews or how to articles. Try to combine reviews with how to articles like this Betterment Investment review so that you can keep people engaged for more time. If reliability is high, people will always

The Inverted Pyramid Style

While we can talk a lot about how to arrange content in order to have great engagement, using proper content writing strategies is something that can help you out. For instance, the inverted pyramid style is something that is highly appreciated by visitors because they automatically realize if they would like the article. It may seem that the visitor may leave from the first interaction but in the event that the first paragraph seems interesting, there would be a much longer engagement that is gained.

Work Text Around Images And Ads

Instead of simply adding a block with an ad and content above or below it, how about making the ad wrapped by text? This would offer a better click rate and more engagement since there is a much higher possibility that the visitor would continue reading, not being affected by blank site areas. You should not have a blank site area. This is a bad idea. Simply try to offer good content and make the ads and images fit.