Advantages Of Having A Contact Form On Your Website

Digital security is an important topic today, especially for websites that often get hacked. There are many great guides to increase the level of security that can help both the businesses and individual people. People care about their online privacy more and more – and it includes avoiding spam.

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Are you considering adding a contact form to your website because you want to avoid that annoying spam? If you want to learn more about additional advantages to make a decision – here is where youíll find it.

Avoiding Unwanted Spam

The main reason business owners value contact forms and prefer them instead of giving out their emails is because everybody is trying to prevent spam. Just think about how many spams you receive each work day. And itís not necessary because you are giving out your email or have it posted somewhere. Spam finds you anyway.

To create and add a contact form to your website, you can use this excellent contact form generator from – itís highly trusted and used by many website owners.

An Easy Way To Contact For Users

Some website owners tend to leave links to social media – like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn instead of giving out their email. The idea is that you can follow those links and contact a business on social media.

It might seem a pretty good idea at first, it may even bring a few more likes for you on Facebook. But on the other hand, anything that links somewhere else than your page brings additional work for the user and makes it uncomfortable to communicate.

Also you should consider that itís an easier way for the website visitor to contact you without leaving the website at all. If you would post your email, the person trying to reach you would still have to copy it and head either to Gmail or any other email platform to write you an email.

People Can Reach You Anytime

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Having a phone number on your website is a good idea too. But it isnít enough – think about the situations when people might need to attach a file or want to contact you not on your business hours.

Therefore not having a contact form or a public email could lead to a loss of clients. Many people will often contact a few companies that offer similar services to compare the pricing and other conditions. If your competitors have easily accessible contact information and you only have a phone number, itís most likely that a potential client will just skip your website.

Specified Topics

A carefully overthought contact form can bring you many advantages and shorten the time of communication and make a purchase faster. You can add any fields that you want, so make sure you add some that will make it easier to make an offer.

For example, if your business sells t-shirts, you could add questions about quantities and similar information. It differs depending on the business kind, but you can always get some advantage from this specific feature of adding fields.

Redirecting Emails To Liable People

When people fill the contact form, ask them to choose a topic – orders, questions about the shipment, design services. This can work as a filter for you. By seeing in what topic the client is interested, you can redirect and send the filled contact form to a colleague who is responsible for that specific job.

Expanding Your Email List

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Another advantage of having a contact form is the chance to grow your email list. Not everybody will want to get an advertisement on their will, but some want to receive special offers and news from you. Just add a checkbox for sending newsletters and start collecting the emails.