7 Top SEO Tips To Rank On Google

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is popularly known is very important for a website because it increases the visibility of the website. There are many companies that provide SEO services and you can hire them to rank your website on Google. However, it is important to know if the SEO services company is doing the right thing for your website. Given below are a few SEO tips and you need to check if the SEO company is following them.

Following these tips will ensure good SEO ranking for your website.

  1. Content is the most important factor for SEO ranking. Good quality content will always trump a website that has bad quality content. Content should be useful and your SEO company should advise you regarding the content and also if possible improve the existing content on your website.
  2. Many people may visit your website and then move away to another website as the content is very bad. This will only harm your SEO strategy. Your content should be good and this will ensure that the person visiting stays on your website.
  3. Along with the content the most important SEO step is to optimize for the right keywords. The keywords should be researched well and the content should also contain the keywords in the right mix and should not be overly keyword stuffed.
  4. Check whether the SEO service researches the competition. The company should totally research your competitors and then evolve a proper SEO strategy to enable your website to rank above all your competitors.
  5. The main keyword that you wish to be ranked should be in your page title. Ensure that this is done by the company. It should also be used in the alt tag of any image in the webpage. Also the webpage URL should include the keyword.
  6. Often pages in the website are not interlinked. Internal linking is very important from an SEO perspective. Ensure that internal linking is done.
  7. Social media is huge nowadays. You need to ensure that your content is shared on many social media platforms. The more it is shared the better it is for your website as it will only enhance your reputation in the eyes of google.

Keeping a checklist and checking for the above mentioned points will ensure a good ranking on Google for your website. Hiring a Search Engine Optimization service company is a good step but you need to keep an eye on the work that is being done. Google algorithms keep changing, but the above mentioned points are always necessary and never change. These are the pointers for the search engine that some good article is available.

There are no short cuts, only good quality content with good quality SEO will ensure that your website is on the top rankings of the search engine. Consistently adding quality content will make your website an authority website and you will be on top of organic rankings for the keywords that you have optimized.

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