6 Strategies for Driving More Traffic to Your Blog

When it comes to building a strong blog for your brand, you need to attract large volumes of traffic. And while quality traffic is just as important as the quantity of traffic you receive, increasing the number of clicks helps with ad revenue, SEO, and exposure. With that being said, letís take a look at some of the top strategies for driving more traffic to your blog.

1. Build Your Social Profiles

At the heart of the modern traffic generation strategy is the need to build strong social media profiles. A healthy majority of blog traffic comes from social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. If youíre currently ignoring the importance of these channels, then youíre undoubtedly missing out on opportunities to grow your traffic.

Building strong profiles requires patience and time. Ensure your profiles are complete and then start following people in your industry or niche. Youíll gradually attract followers yourself. While your efforts will seem futile at the beginning, they will be rewarded in the future.

2. Write Clickable Titles

Because most blog traffic comes from social media channels, you need to invest in clickable headlines and titles that make people want to find out more. Pay attention to some of the headlines you currently see in your newsfeeds and take notes. The most successful blogs are the ones that understand how to write clickable titles.

Clickable titles typically use strong language, create a feeling of shock or surprise, or drum up a sense of urgency. While it may seem contrary to everything youíve learned in business, headlines should always overpromise. By the time someone finishes reading a blog post, theyíll most likely have forgotten what the title said in the first place.

3. Meet Users Where They Are

If you had to guess where most blog traffic generates from, would you guess desktop browsers or mobile devices? The latter choice is the correct answer. As such, you need to target mobile users. While leveraging social media is certainly a start, you need to find additional means.

One method progressive brands are using is text messaging. By asking loyal users to opt-in to your SMS list, you can occasionally send out messages when a new, particularly relevant post is up on the blog. You donít want to overuse this strategy, but it can help you garner more traffic.

4. Maximize Visual Content

Visual content is a must in todayís world. If youíre only publishing text-based blog posts, then you arenít doing everything you can to satisfy readers. The internet is a very visual place and users are moving away from traditional blogs and towards more visual mediums like videos and infographics. While visual content may require a heftier investment on your part, it almost always pays off by creating longer lasting value.

5. Share Posts Multiple Times

Who says you can only share a blog post once before retiring the link? Savvy bloggers and marketers understand the importance of sharing more than once. In fact, one expert suggests you can share a single post as many as six times on the same platform. However, you have to follow a certain schedule, or youíll bombard followers with repetitive content.

6. Get SEO Basics Down

Unless youíre in the SEO business, the thought of search engine optimization probably isnít something that appeals to you. And while you donít need to spend hours making different tweaks, you do need to ensure your blog posts are properly structured. This will allow you to earn some natural traffic and accurately explain to Google what each blog entry is about.

Attract More Blog Traffic Starting Today

With these six tips, you can begin to drive more traffic to your blog without spending more time on traffic acquisition than you can afford to waste. Try each of them in the coming months and compare your results to see which strategy helps the most.