6 Mobile WordPress Plugins that You Can’t Go Wrong With

Today, 46 percent of people use a mobile device as an exclusive tool when performing online research. With so many people turning to a mobile-only method of surfing the web, it’s important that your site caters to their needs–otherwise you can be sure they’ll leave your site without looking at what you have to offer. To make your WordPress site more mobile-friendly, consider installing these plugins.

1. WP Mobile Detector Mobile Plugin

This is an easy solution for helping your site load faster on mobile devices. WP Mobile Detector Mobile Plugin configures everything you need automatically and delivers stats on how people are accessing your site. To speed up your site, it removes images and complicated HTML when users access your site from a mobile phone, and it will resize images for smartphones. What’s more, it comes with five pre-installed themes to make your job easy. Grab the pro version for $50 to receive more themes and mobile advertising options.

2. WP Touch


Image via WPTouch.com

With over 5 million downloads, this is one of the most popular mobile WordPress plugins. WP Touch allows you to customize your mobile website separate from the site your visitors see when accessing it from a desktop or laptop.

With it, you can customize your colors, fonts, website logo, sharing buttons, and more. You can even show different content to mobile users without changing a thing on your desktop theme. What’s more, WP Touch makes your images responsive so that they scale perfectly no matter which device visitors are accessing the site from. Prices start at $49 for a single site.

3. WP Mobile Splash Page Editor

WP Mobile Splash Page Editor helps you set up a page specially made for users accessing your site from a mobile device. The best part is that it’s super customizable, helping you maintain the look of your original site or completely give your brand a makeover. Start by choosing your custom colors, and then add a personal logo.

With unlimited style options and easy-to-edit content, you can present your visitors with the most useful information first–like click to call, email, or get direction options, along with social media icons. After your visitors have accessed the most useful info from the splash page, send them to the full site at the click of a button. The plugin is built to make the page load quickly, making sure more visitors hang around, and it won’t impact your SEO.

4. WP Smart Mobile Theme

If you’re looking for a free option, the WP Smart Mobile Theme plugin is perfect. It helps you create a mobile-ready theme effortlessly for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows devices–and that includes the hot new HTC One devices. Choose from one of three themes that you can customize with ads, design, and analytic code. Even customize your logo, change your home page, and enable search, all without affecting your desktop theme.

5. Duda Mobile Website Builder

If you love the price of WP Smart Mobile Theme plugin but want to maintain the original look of your site across all mobile devices, then choose Duda Mobile Website Builder. This plugin offers loads of mobile templates to choose from, but it won’t change the overall feel of your theme when going from desktop to mobile. What’s more, you can add numerous mobile-friendly features to make your website rock, like Click-to-Call options. Upgrade for $7.20 per month for more options.

6. Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin for WordPress

This plugin is similar to the one mentioned above. It’s free and will give your site the same look and feel no matter what device people are using to access it. The plugin works by detecting the type of device a visitor is using and then tweaking the website settings to fit that particular device’s screen.

You won’t have to use a separate URL for the mobile version, either. It also provides a lot of freedom with customization, so it’s worth checking out to see if you like it. As an added bonus, it supports multiple characters from different languages.

No matter if your ideal WordPress theme is mobile responsive or not, you can make it mobile-friendly with these easy-to-use plugins.