5 Tips to Create a Reliable Ecommerce Experience

Ecommerce is a continuously growing industry that will never stagnate. People are demanding and they always look for something new and extraordinary. So, you can well imagine how much growth and potential this online business has. At the same time, winning the hearts of your visitors and customers is not so straightforward. Your interaction with your customers, be it through website, email, phone or social media, should be of high quality if you want an exceptional experience for them. Even more important is to earn credibility online so as to keep your business authentic and genuine in front of others.

Create a Reliable Ecommerce Experience

Following are the 5 amazing tips that will help you create a reliable Ecommerce experience for your customers:

  • Get Real Reviews from Real People: Real testimonials matter to prospective buyers. Gathering real reviews from real people will help you gain an authentic recognition online and your site visitors will be able to better judge your quality of products through them. A credible testimonial includes certain information about the reviewer which is personally identifiable. These reviews and testimonials about your product will improve the number of significant click-through rates for each product directly to your Ecommerce cart.
  • Give a face to your brand: Highlighting the faces of people who are behind your brand and who are most responsible for taking your product to where it is today builds trust among people. These people could be your team members such as creative heads, product developers, marketing professionals or promoters. You can do this by dedicating a page of your website to your team and featuring their professional photos, bios and links to their social media profiles.
  • Celebrity Endorsements: Celebrities such as Hollywood actress, actresses and sports personalities are the ideals of people. People want to be like them and genuinely trust them. Therefore, itís a very lucrative idea to link your product to famous celebrities by requesting them to endorse your brand.† It is a paid endorsement and people know it, still it is a trustworthy source of information because even celebrity wonít endorse a bogus product. Associating your product or service with a well-recognized person is another way to build your credibility.
  • Emphasize on PRs: Media coverage is the most viral way to bring your brand in front of a massive audience. All the mediums of communication, including TV, radio, online and print are effective channels through which you can promote your brand in the form of Press Releases. When all these major channels choose to promote your business, this means your business is credible and people are likely to trust you.
  • Social Media Engagement: Social media plays a very crucial role in building trust in your brand. When people share you on social media, like your posts and take part in your social media contests, then other people who are in their profiles are also likely to visit your page and interact with your brand. Your Facebook and Twiiter followers can go a long way to provide legitimacy to your business.

According to Novage Communications, a full-service Internet marketing and web design firm Singapore, If you really want to grow your business, you must invest in the above mentioned ways to create an authentic commerce experience for your customers.