The 4 Totally Fixable Reasons Why Nobodyís Sharing Your Blog Posts

Conventional wisdom tells us that a majority of blog posts out there never get read by a significant audience, let alone shared around the social sphere.

Given the amount of work and time it takes to research, write and promote a five-star blog post, thatís pretty unfortunate, isnít it? Itís that initial lack of traction that causes many bloggers to give up before they ever gain traction from the SERPs or attract a readership.

That said, there are a slew of common problems that plague manner newbie bloggers and veterans alike. If you want your blog to flourish, itís key that your posts are primed for social sharing. Since blogging represents a conversation, youíll only hurt yourself and your long-term traffic potential if your posts arenít being shared around.

Thankfully, you donít need to be a copywriting mastermind or design genius to give your posts the sharing potential they deserve. Below weíve outlined mistakes that bloggers make regarding their postsí shareability and how to fix them.

Your Posts Lack Proper Imagery

An effective and attractive blog is about so much more than the words on the page. Itís been proven time and time again that blogs with a variety of images gain more traffic and get more shares than those that ignore imagery altogether. From YouTube videos and stock photos to screenshots and visual quote designs, itís crucial that you use images to break up your content and paint a literal picture for your audience.

While you donít need to overwhelm your readers with pictures, inserting some form of imagery every few hundred words is always a plus. Doing so creates a sense of ďflowĒ that keeps your blog posts from looking too daunting to readers at a glance.

Youíre Fumbling Above the Fold

On a similar note, itís important to take advantage of your blogís real estate above the fold. Either through an eye-popping graphic or a bold statement, grabbing your reader’sí attention from the word ďgoĒ with help guide them through any given post.

Writing irresistible headlines is always a plus for encouraging social shares. Considering that most people scan content anyway, you can score shares based on your headlines alone if theyíre enticing enough.

Thereís No ďBig IdeaĒ

Each and every post you write should have some sort of central idea versus coming off as a random rant or laundry list of information. For example, the big idea of this post is to help you figure out how to make your blog posts more shareable. Thatís why listicle and how-to posts which signal their purpose in the title often outperform general and generic topics and headlines.

Writing specific, actionable pieces that touch on topics within your niche ultimately makes your content more valuable and therefore more likely to be shared.

You Havenít Found Your Voice

Whether youíre going for a humorous tone or something more serious, itís important to let your personality shine in some way, shape or form.

Crack a joke. Use some slang and choppy sentences. Tell a story.

In short, write for people instead of robots. Yeah, search engine performance is important but donít sacrifice readability for the sake of SEO.

At the end of the day, encouraging better performance in terms of your blog content requires special attention to detail. These tips represent the foundation of a solid blog post regardless of who youíre trying to attract.