4 Tips That Will Keep Essential Business Information Safe Online

The internet has made it easier than ever to do business. You no longer have to store receipts in a drawer. You donít even have to save them to your computerís hard drive now that we have the cloud! You can literally access anything at anytime, anywhere, which can be great for business.

Unfortunately, it can be dangerous too. At least you knew the receipts in your drawer were secure. When you keep all your information online, you never know who might be able to get ahold of it!

With the right approach, keeping track of vital business information with todayís integrated systems can be just as safe as keeping everything tucked away in a filing cabinet. You just have to follow these four tips.

Conduct Regular User Reviews

In many cases, itís not an outside party that causes trouble for your business. Itís someone who is or was on the inside. Thatís why itís so important to conduct regular user reviews.

Regular reviews can help you identify which employees need access to what kind of information. You can terminate access to some information while enabling access to others. A review can also ensure any employees who have left the business donít have continued access to important company information.

Secure Your Electronic Devices

It seems like a no-brainer to make sure your electronic devices are secure, but many people donít know exactly what that entails. It means much more than running antivirus software every once in a while.

An effective approach includes:

  • Making sure you turn on your router’s firewall
  • Protecting all of your computers with software that protects against identity theft, hacker attacks, and accessing risky websites
  • Antispam software that keeps employee mailboxes clean
  • Enabling location awareness so mobile devices are fully protected on the go

Be Smart About Social Media

Be mindful about social media. Only allow trusted employees to post to social media accounts, and make sure they understand what information is confidential, and what isn’t.

Never publish something that you wouldn’t want splashed all over the internet. Even the smallest piece of information can reveal something essential about your business that can cause trouble down the road.

Donít Forget About BYOD

BYOD means Bring Your Own Device. This is an extremely important concept to consider if you have employees that will be using their own devices on company time.

You must develop a plan for these devices that includes a clear policy for pertinent data deletion, location tracking, and internet monitoring to ensure your information is safe. You can also consider eliminating BYOD from your company policy completely. Although it can increase productivity, the potential pitfalls may make it smarter for you to ask your employees to use company approved devices to complete work either in the office or at home.

The internet is a tool to be used wisely, whether youíre using it personally or professionally. Follow these tips and you can rest easier at night knowing youíre doing everything you can to protect your companyís most sensitive information.