4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs SEO

We donít need to tell you why you need a website. Sooner or later, most business commerce will be done online. Itís the quickest way to connect to the largest number of people possible.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for being seen by Google. Itís how you website gets more traffic. We give you some of the main reasons why SEO will make or break your business.

1. The Great Web Design Equalizer

SEO is partly influenced by web design. Designers need to have knowledge of SEO these days. They need to understand what Google demands of web designers. SEO also prevents generally negative web design practices.

Speaking to Harrison Mann, a Leeds website design agency, the founder Richard goes on to say “You need to think about SEO and how your website design project needs to have great on-site SEO from the launch in order to get that solid foundation to build upon. There’s no point investing hard earned money into something that Google and other search engines do not like. So you need to think of title tags, keywords for each page, pagespeed, clean coding and building that platform on which all of your SEO success depends upon.”

A bad design practice would be something that has a negative effect on user experience. Google wants their rankings to reflect the websites that offer the best user experience.

SEO pushes people away from these design mistakes. Itís a subconscious effect, but an effective one. Google wants good SEO to correlate directly with the user experience.

Other examples of bad web design:

  • A lack of condensed coding leading to longer loading times for each page.
  • Too many images leading to bad loading times.
  • No meta tags mean people canít tell whatís on your page before they click on it.

2. The Core of Visibility

Ultimately, SEO gets you noticed. Thereís a direct correlation between higher ranks and more traffic. Itís simply a question of numbers. The more people visit your website the higher the chances of making a sale.

We also have to take into account social media. Itís the main factor involved in SEO. Even if youíve made a Facebook account for your business, any type of user engagement is SEO.

Whether you like it or not, any form of engagement on the Internet involves SEO. Youíre already partaking in SEO.

3. The Kick Start

The problem with a lot of businesses is they believe they can craft great content and people will read it. Viral content is unobtainable for most businesses.

Weíve seen how cats, memes, and trolling have gone viral in recent years. What we have to remember is that these appeal to a specific audience. Theyíre essentially pieces of comedy. They spread far easier than professional types of content.

Letís say youíre running a construction business. Your blogs wonít go viral. They donít have the same appeal. They apply to a niche audience only. Anything that could go viral would need to appeal to a broad cross-section of Internet users.

This doesnít mean you canít have great content. On the contrary, you NEED fantastic content.

Seo toronto is a content writing firm that outlines you need SEO value to kick start your promotion. Great content on a site with no SEO will never see another human eye. SEO empowers your content to reach as many people as possible. SEO is a precursor to visibility.

4. SEO is Permanent

SEO forms the foundations of your online marketing. Your business needs SEO content to maintain your rankings when your content isnít gaining lots of organic Ďsharesí.

You always get a boost from social media, but Google also wants consistency. Consistency doesnít exist on social media. The only way to ensure consistency is to stick with keywords, guest blogs, and great web content.

A Right Way and a Wrong Way

SEO always changes, though. We call this the Google Dance. This is why we havenít gone into specific SEO techniques. What works one month is less effective the next. We can only speak generally.

Beating the Google Dance is a matter of avoiding grey hat SEO techniques. Stick to the rules and you wonít experience any problems.

The single constant is SEO plays a prominent role in building a brand and extending your reach. Engagement will always be important, but you need access to the right audience to start with.