3 Ideas if You Are Stuck for Your Next Fashion Blog Post

Keeping your blog updated with new, interesting posts is absolutely crucial if you want to keep your existing readers engaged and coming back for more, as well as attracting new visitors. However, sometimes it can feel like your well of ideas has run somewhat dry and you can find yourself racking your brains to come up with something that will make an original and appealing post in time to meet your publishing schedule.

Ideas if You Are Stuck For Your Next Fashion Blog Post

Photo by Stuart Miles at freedigitalphotos.net

If you run a personal fashion blog, and have found yourself in this situation, why not use one of these ideas to inspire your next post? We have not only picked concepts that can make for one great post today, but also ones that can be reused to make an interesting series, giving you lots of mileage from one good idea!

Review a Retailer

Whether you write about a particular niche of fashion, such as plus size fashion, maternity fashion, vintage or subculture fashion, or you just write about things that are great to wear to stay on trend, there are bound to be hundreds of retailers, labels and boutique clothing collections your readers might be interested to learn about. With a little research, you can find a less well known retailer online and review their range, prices, and the user experience their site offers, even if you haven’t actually bought from them before. Of course, if you have purchased items from them, you can also include your view of their customer service and reliability, and the quality of the products you received.

Pick a Color

Each season, the Pantone Color Institute reveals a palette of colors which is regarded as the ‘go to’ color scheme for that season’s fashion not only in clothing but also in other areas of fashion like interiors, product design and wedding color schemes. You can easily get a great post by choosing a color, color pair or collection of colors from the palette and writing about how to wear it, giving examples of clothes that are currently available that use it.

Because there are ten colors in every palette that can be mixed and matched, there are a large number of posts you can get out of this, and you can make it a regular series as new seasons’ palettes are announced.

Celebrity Style

Talking about celebrities is a good way to bring in a new audience, even if your blog concentrates more on everyday fashion. Pick a star with a distinctive style you like, and choose clothes from currently available collections that can help your reader recreate their look. Alternatively, if you prefer articles with a twist, choose a star you think is badly dressed and ‘style’ them using clothes you think would look better on them than what they actually wear does.

These are three ideas that lend themselves to reuse, and can even be turned into features or series on your blog. Use them to inspire you next time you have writer’s block!