10 Ways to Grow Your Blog Audience

If youíve created a blog thatís fun to read and valuable for its audience, more than half the battle is over. But you have to finish strong by attracting a large crowd to your blog.

Getting and keeping readers is a lot more difficult than some successful bloggers make it look, but a few key concepts can make the difference.

1. More Engaged Social Promotion

Promote every post – even the ones you think wonít be popular. Share on social media, pin them on forums, advertise, and, most important, respond to the people who interact with your posts on social media.

When it comes to posting on social media, keep in mind that shorter posts (70 characters or less) tend to perform better than long ones.

2. Host Charity Events

Thereís nothing that will attract reader attention better than hosting a fundraiser for a charity event, or engaging in a similar form of sponsorship through your blog. Youíll attract folks who are already invested in the cause as well as those looking for an organization to support.

3. Develop a Consistent Content Schedule

Human beings are creatures of habit, and they like routines that execute without disruption. Posting content consistently and frequently at roughly the same time every week can make a big difference in your results. Research from Social Marketing Writing predicts that blogs that post daily get five times more traffic than those that post only weekly.

4. Collect Emails

Get as many emails as you can to boost your email marketing strategy and increase interactions on your blog. Use pop-up windows that ask for emails to subscribe when a person enters the page.

Some will undoubtedly regard this as annoying, but others will find it a useful way to subscribe for great content, and those emails can be used in your email marketing efforts as well. Getting as many emails as possible is one of the most fruitful things you can do to boost readership.

5. Increase Ways to Subscribe

In addition, make it easy to subscribe by increasing the number of ways people can do so. Subscribing to your blog should be easy, with pop-up windows and a button in the navigation bar.

You should also include ways to subscribe outside your blog, such as through email, RSS, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. This is a great way to bring in more consistent readership.

6. Improve Your Content

Sometimes the problem isnít so much the promotion of your blog as with the content itself. If itís not relevant or engaging, itís full of grammatical errors and other mistakes, and itís difficult to follow, readers wonít stick around.

Focus on improving blog content as you promote it, and the positive results of your promotional tactics could double.

7. Find Partners

There will always be other bloggers who can promote your content while primarily promoting their own. Itís an attractive partnership in the blogging universe, and you should take advantage of this.

Youíll increase the exposure of your blog as itís shared with a wider audience, and youíll also drive good referral traffic.

8.† Allow Comments

Some bloggers donít like to enable the comments feature because they donít want to have to face the naysayers and negative remarks. But allowing readers to interact with your content increases their loyalty to your blog. It becomes a community where visitors will want to return.

Their comments can also give you ideas about content you should feature in future posts.

9. Use Freebies

Everyone likes free stuff, and you can generate plenty of leads through giveaways. All you have to do is require visitors to perform a simple action, such as signing up for a newsletter, joining an email list, subscribing to your blog, sharing a social post, or a similar action.

These freebies will attract visitors and increase your overall number of subscribers.

10. Post on Forums

Forums are an often-overlooked avenue of advertising because they take a little extra effort, and theyíre not used as often as they used to be. But theyíre still a great place to look for more blog traffic.

Find a forum that matches your own blog and offer helpful blog posts to people asking questions that your posts can answer. Itís a great way to build your audience in general.