10 Ecommerce Web Design Tips to Stand Apart from the Crowd

Many people underestimate the importance of well-crafted web design and a comfortable and useful navigational panel. These features may seem not so important at some point, but the truth is that they might often make the difference between a one-time visitor and a regular viewer. This especially applies to eCommerce websites, where good usability and web design may often help you close the sale swiftly. A confusing navigation is more likely to lure customers away from you, so owners of eCommerce websites should consider spending some money on improving their navigation, as well as the overall usability of their website. Using web site builders is another option getting popular these days. If you like to give it a try then website builders review site like sitebuilderawards.com can really help you out to choose the best ecommerce website builder.

If you are not sure whether your website is good enough or not, then here are some tips that can help you determine if any areas need to be improved. The 10 tips below include the most important things and details that you should think about when trying to improve eCommerce web design and usability.

Keep Your Filters Simple

Filters are undoubtedly the best way to help users browse your products and select the exact search criteria that they desire. However, website owners are often tempted by the  opportunity to add more and more filters to their eCommerce platform, and in the end they have a very complicated filter system that is impossible to decipher. Keep your filters simple & easy-to-use, and your customers will be happy as well.

Inventory Details

The comfort of your customers should always be in first place, so make sure to keep them posted regarding your inventory. If a product is out of stock, then make sure to notify them swiftly and accurately, because you don’t want them to end up spending 20 minutes searching for a product, just to see that is out of stock. You may also want to add a “Notify me when the item is in stock” button.

Product Photos

This is pretty self-explanatory. Every customer would like to see what they are paying money for, so adding photos for each of your products is a neat way to attract more clients. It will make your web store look more professional, and your customers will certainly appreciate the opportunity to see the product you are buying.

Add a Functional Shopping Cart

There are different types & ways of adding shopping carts, but we strongly advise you to opt for the ones that have a bit more features. Customers are guaranteed to appreciate a functional shopping cart that allows them to swiftly add/remove items, or ask them whether they’d like to checkout or continue shopping.

Bread Crumbs

Bread crumbs are often described to be one of the simplest yet more useful navigating tools. They allow users to quickly go back to previous categories and pages, greatly enhancing their browsing experience. Implementing bread crumbs in your website won’t take much time and effort, but the  results will be amazing!


A well designed mega-menu can look amazing, but it is also important to determine whether you need one. Smaller eCommerce websites won’t benefit from a mega-menu, but if you list a lot of products that are arranged in multiple categories, then a mega-menu can certainly prove to be a great improvement for your web design and usability.

Final Cost

One of the most annoying things that customer may face is extra charges being added when they try to checkout. Whatever you do, always show the full final cost of the purchase, including the delivery taxes and any other fees that may be applied. Many potential clients will quit your website as soon as they see that you didn’t show them the total cost of the purchase.


Testimonials are one of the best ways to prove to potential customers that your products and services are actually worth it. Consider publishing the testimonials of past clients regarding  your business, particular product or service, and put them in a visible spot on your website.

Product Variations

Does one product come in different colors and sizes? Yes, you can tell this by using text, but we guarantee that customers would be happier if they had the chance to see a graphical representation of the change. Consider adding product variations to product pages, including new images and details. eCommerce personalization tips can help you out in this regard to stand apart from the crowded online business world.

Social Media

Social media can have a huge impact on your online exposure, so as an eCommerce website owner you should work hard in order to improve the social media status of your business. Adding a social media block to your website shouldn’t be too hard, and it can help you quickly build a huge audience for your official profiles and pages.