New Free Web Tools For Everyday Use

What is an online tool? Is it the same with software applications? The answer is yes and no at the same time. Yes for the fact that it functions the same as most of the latest applications, and no for the fact that they are handier and easier to use. One of the most important thing, it is free and did not require the users to download it into devices before being able to use it. And the best thing is that you wonít have pop-ups when you go on these sites they are completely safe and secure from virus. And biggest benefit is one doesnít have to give any email address or any fill out a form for surveys, honestly I like this part the most.

The users just need to visit the online toolsí website and start using it. Itís free of charge and available for unlimited usage. †So are you ready to try these tools; below are five of those tools which have found for our readers.

Avatar Maker

This is one of the latest trends and the best online tool to use either for the kids or the adult. You can turn yourself into a carton and start making your own avatar without any help from professional. No need to install any pack or anything, itís free for use. You can straight away download your avatar once it is done. Above all even kids can make their own avatars through this site. So if you are parent and want your kids to use their creativity while they are free, let them play with it so you can relax. This tool is pretty effective because it gives you lot of options to play with. Its good time pass and pretty handy for creating professional 2d avatars for yourself. So why wait give it a try a good easy way to kill time!

Ringtone Creator

You can create your ringtone on your own without having to download and pay for it. There are only few steps required such as upload your music file (wnr, mp3 etc) and start customising your ringtone from length, part to many more options. Listen to it over and over again until you are satisfied, then you can download it to your devices. Free of charge for lifetime. †It is fast compared to other tools available. And works fine for both iPhone and android phones.

We Convert PDF

Converting a file to PDF format or vice versa is really challenging especially when almost all software required us to pay in order to use it. Not many are aware of the online tool ďWe Convert PDFĒ. It allows the users to convert files from any format such as JPEG, Word, and Excel into PDF and vice versa. The PDF file can also be merge and split. Everything is free here. †What makes it better than other free pdf converters is that it is fast and gives you better results. Because not all free PDF converters give you every full conversion completely free. It works perfectly fine on android phones. But I havenít tried on apple phones so donít know about it. Itís handy if you are in a rush and want something quick. The best feature I like is its option to merge Pdf files. So next time if you are looking for creating a pdf file for Bunch of images, this is the ultimate free tool to use.

Free Passwords Generator

Your password should be treated as your life as it holds the key to everything including your personal information. Therefore, you need to have a solid and strong password that will help you secure your accounts online. By using the free password generators, you can generate your desired password securely and you can even customise the options to be included into your password, such as the usage of uppercase letter, symbols and many more. †The same site has batch of other features too like word counter, IP checker and GUID generator.

Free Photo Fix

Ever dream of getting your photos fix by the professional? But most of the professionals required some fees and if you were to download certain software, you still didnít have time to master it. Therefore, this online tool provides you the solutions. All you have to do is upload the picture that you want to get fix, then wait for about an hour to two, as the professionals will help fix it for free. They will return your photo once it is done. So professionals are just one click away now. Above all you have the options of free revisions too.† There are many online professional photo editors available but none is free. So itís a worth try if you want to get it done free first.