Top 5 Steps To Start Creating Your Own Digital Music

So long as you have the correct computer and software, you can start to create your very own digital music tracks from home.

But there are also special music production tools that you must acquire and steps you must follow in order to make this fully possible. That’s what we’re going to discuss right now.

Here are the top five steps to start creating your own digital music:

  1. Listen To Digital Music From Other Artists

Before you can begin to even think about creating your own digital music, you first need to listen to digital music from others in order to get inspiration. The more music you listen to means the more you can make your brain ready for creating your own, and you’ll be able to identify what makes that music work.

  1. Choose A Digital Audio Workstation

Next, you are going to need to select a Digital Audio Workstation, or DAW for short. Not all DAW’s are created equally, and they all have different system requirements. Careful research is key here.

Some of the most popular DAW’s on the market include Avid Pro Tools, Apple Logic Prop, Steinberg Cubase Pro, and Reaper to name a few.

  1. Gather The Necessary Equipment

The next step for creating digital music is to collect all of the necessary equipment and other accessories that you need. Even though your DAW will be able to reproduce several instruments, your music will sound far more realistic if you use authentic recordings instead.

Examples of equipment that you will need to get hater include electric guitars, microphones, controllers, synthesizers, and keyboards.

  1. Learn How To Use Your Equipment

Now that you have all of the required equipment gathered, your next step is to learn how to use it. The easiest way to about this is to watch video tutorials online through websites such as YouTube and then practice with the equipment yourself.

Remember to watch and read tutorials that are specific to your particular DAW, as all DAW’s are different with different features.

  1. Begin Planning Your Track

Now that you have your equipment gathered and have learned how to use it, you can officially begin the process of planning your track. Ideally, you should already have a basic beat or melody in your mind that you can build off of.

The best way to plan out your track will be to research other tracks in its genre. Identify what characteristics are consistent across each of the tracks in the genre and that you should incorporate into your own track. Try to keep the number of parts in your track (vocals and instruments alike) to around five at the most to avoid over saturating it.

Creating Your Own Digital Music 

While there are far more steps that you will need to complete in order to finally craft your original digital music track, these will be the first five steps that you must follow in order to get started.