Ugears Drift Cobra Racing Car

Ugears is a young company for the production of unique 3D puzzle sets that have gained popularity and recognition in America and Europe. The peculiarity of the sets that the Ugears brand is developing is that all the parts are wooden, and no tools, nails or glue are needed to connect them. Everything is hand-assembled and driven by gears, wooden pins, and rubber bands. The manufacturer patented a unique principle of connecting parts and made the models not only beautiful antiques but also practical mechanisms. At the moment, the site of the UGears store has about a dozen 3d puzzles for adults models. One of the newest sets is a miniature copy of the classic Shelby Cobra 427 racecar – Ugears Drift Cobra Racing Car. These mechanical puzzles bring people not only joy from the assembly process but can also teach the principles of the simplest mechanisms.

A hobby that develops skills

The benefits of such fun are obvious. In addition to a pleasant pastime, such activity has an impact on the development of memory, logic, general motor skills, and perseverance. UGears wooden model kits for adults combine an activity perfect for relaxation and recreation, as well as providing an extraordinary learning experience. The high-level appearance of the model with great attention to small details can attract your child to explore the fascinating history of real prototypes of UGears 3d puzzles.

Features of Ugears Drift Cobra Racing Car

This set is a stylish two-seater convertible with working mechanisms in the form of turning wheels, trunks, doors, and a drop-down hood. This wooden puzzle kit combines all the features of UGears mechanical models

  • the material of the puzzle is high quality 100% natural plywood
  • unsurpassed aesthetic and mechanical design of wooden puzzles
  • a large number of parts connected to each other without additional elements
  • the model is a copy of the famous sports car

In the UGears 3d wooden puzzles for adults collection, everyone will find something for themselves and will be able to plunge into an exciting assembly process.