The Most Popular Website Templates in 2019

Any individual, business, or company that is looking to excel in the modern era needs to maintain a strong online presence. This starts with having an attractive website that can generate additional traffic while also being user-friendly. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the essential components of exceptional website design services. There are convenient website templates that can be tailored to meet the needs of nearly any company or business.

There were a few website templates that were exceptionally popular in 2019. Those who are looking to excel in 2020 should note some of these trends and tailor them to meet their needs. After talking to multiple users, they shared their feedback with us, the webmasters from Front Signs company.

Here are some of the most popular templates this past year.

Gillion is one of the most popular WordPress templates during the past year. This template has been designed to help people who want to focus on writing. Whether this is blogs, books, magazines, or something else entirely, this template can help everyone. One of the best parts of using this template is that there are event demo options that come with the template, built into the system. Furthermore, those who prioritize speed are going to fall in love with this option. It has been designed to meet the needs of the user, is incredibly quick, and will not fail. Lastly, there is even an administration panel that has been built into the framework of this template. With so many options to choose from, such as header options and color schemes, it is easy to see why this template has become so popular. Use this SEO-built template and make the next website come to life!

The next template on the list is called Jevelin. Without a doubt, Jevelin is one of the top templates out there when it comes to designing a website. Anyone can adapt this WordPress template to meet their needs. It can fit nearly any industry and is incredibly easy to use. Those who are looking for a complete solution for their web presence will need to take a look at Jevelin and use it to its full potential. One of the major features is called the Elementor editor. This is a tool that is useful for everyone, particularly beginners. This feature turns everyone into an expert coder without needing any experience in the field. Even those who are looking at designing their very first website can take advantage of this feature and succeed flawlessly. This tool can be used to quickly design a page that will catch nearly anyone’s attention. It can be used as a business site, personal blog, or even on an eCommerce platform.

While some people might not have heard about Divi, most of the world will in a short amount of time. Some people have called Divi as do-it-all platform, as it has almost everything that anyone could ever want. This template has been designed to help people get from start to finish in a short amount of time. Some of the top websites of the past year have been designed with this platform because it has an unlimited array of options from which someone can choose. First, this platform has a number of visuals and media options that can meet the needs of those who are just starting out and those who have been in the world of web design for a long time. Even though experienced professionals have used Divi, there are also plenty of people who use this template without needing any coding experience at all. With an incredible amount of attention to detail, this platform has nearly everything that people might want in a template. This template can be changed to suit the requirements of the website administrator.

One of the top website templates that people can use is called Webify. This template acts as a beautiful canvas that comes with nearly all of the necessities that anyone could ever want to make almost any website under the sun. There are countless sites that can be sorted through this template, ranging from an agency to a business and even a blog. People can even use this template to enter the eCommerce world, if they desire. There are few drawbacks to using this template. The material unfurls on the page seamlessly from start to finish and can be catered to meet the needs of almost any project. This platform can be customized down to the last detail. There are numerous portfolios, headers, footers, and more that people can put to use with this template.

Breek is a popular template and was one of the top options in 2019. This template has been designed with a modern style that people are going to enjoy. This template works for those who like a minimalist style. This template has all of the necessities but doesn’t have so much that it overwhelms the user. By limiting the options, people can keep their mind clear and will be able to focus on what they need in a clear manner. That being said, this option can still be used to help people create a blog that is going to stand out from the pack. With the minimalist design, this template is going to load much faster than others. This template also comes with handy tools that can be used for SEO purposes. With all the necessities in hand, Breek can be used to help someone build a fast template in almost no time at all!

Up next on the list is called Scape. This is a website template that has been together with a multi-purpose tool in mind. There is a tremendous amount of versatility with this platform option. There are numerous demos, building tools, and widgets that people can use to put their websites together quickly. Whether someone wants to create a corporate website or a personal blog, everything is at the fingertips with Scape. There are more than 250 other layouts that people can use to mix and match, ensuring that there is something for nearly everyone with this tool. There are also advanced settings that people can use to make the website even more user-friendly. Take these innovative tools to the next level with Scape.

HomePress was one of the most popular templates of the past year. This template has been designed for those who work in real estate, architecture, and anything else that has to do with buildings. Those who are ready to rise to new heights in this industry are going to have to have a beautiful website. That is where HomePress comes in. This is one of the top options on the market and will build a beautiful website in the blink of an eye. At the same time, quality is not sacrificed with this tool. The final product will appear professional quickly. There are numerous demos from which someone can choose to get the website off the ground quickly, meaning that someone can get a new page up and running in no time! Trust HomePress to increase the online presence of any real estate pro.

Mono is one of the most popular templates of the past year. This tool comes fully loaded with a modern HTML tool that happens to be one of the top options on the market today. Anyone who has something they want to bring to a wider audience will want to put mono to work for them. This template is ready to go. It has plenty of portfolio layouts and numerous eCommerce features that will allow everyone to bring their products to market in the blink of an eye. This means that this website can be built to wow everyone who comes to visit the page, serving as an additional form of marketing for anyone looking to run a successful eCommerce business. People will be able to make their website visions a reality with this tool. Furthermore, Mono even comes with a live preview so people can see the template in action for themselves. Designed for anyone who wants to market themselves or their products, this platform has all the necessary tools.

Finally, anyone who is hunting for the best website out there can now rest easy with APEZ. This is an outstanding, powerful, and reliable template for webs design issues. APEZ is a multiple-purpose website canvas that can be tailored to the meet the needs of nearly any industry. APEZ has numerous adjustments that can be made, ensuring the website will go live without any issues. This template is powered by Bootstrap 4 and comes with more than a dozen index pages and more than 150 additional pages that can be used if needed. This means that people can make the website they have always dreamed of. There are hundreds of components that can be used if needed. No matter what, APEZ is going to look beautiful on nearly any device including tablets, smartphones, and computers.