Is it Really That Important to Make Sure My Blog is Mobile Friendly?

You may have a website that is mobile friendly but itís really important that you make sure all of your other online content is as well. Itís vital that you not under estimate the size of the potential audience you could be missing out on if you do not ensure that people can read all of your content using a mobile device. The vast majority of us now use a smartphone and we spend an average of around two hours each day accessing the Internet using our phones.

You can see how if you do not ensure your content is accessible to all device users you run the risk of people becoming disengaged. You may not think this applies to your blog but it most definitely does. We are going to take a look at why itís important to make sure your blog is mobile friendly why seeking some professional advice about accessibility might be a good idea.

Why should your blog be mobile friendly?

A blog is often used by a business or organisation as a means of engaging potential customers and readers. If you write a blog you can give people additional information and news, other than what is already provided on your website. For instance, if you are an online fashion retailer you may want to blog about a recent fashion event or you may want to provide hints and tips on styles for the season. Having a well-designed and well written blog helps people to view you as knowledgeable and having your finger on the pulse.

This is not going to happen if a large section of your potential audience does not get to read your content because itís difficult to access using a mobile device. Itís important to remember that it generally takes just a couple of minutes for people to disengage if they are having any difficulties with online content. You can see why itís important that mobile users do not disengage from your content. This being the case, you need to make sure that your blog can easily be viewed using any device.

Why should you talk to a professional?

Of course, it is possible for you to develop your own mobile friendly site as a business. The problem is that this takes time. Many businesses find that this is time they really need to utilise elsewhere. If you speak to a professional web design provider such as some of the weight can be taken off your shoulders. The experts can look at your online content, including your blog, and make sure that it is compatible for use on mobile devices.

You can see how important this can be when it comes to engaging people with your content. If you do not ensure that people can read your blog using any device you could be wasting a lot of your effort by not maximising the benefit of the content you are producing.