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WordPress – Easy to Install, Easier to Use

If you want to do any business in the present scenario, it is pertinent to go for online marketing of your products and services. The first thing that you need to do for promoting your business online is to design the website of your company and post it in the web. These two jobs namely the web developing and the web hosting, though very… Read More

+ The Ultimate Guide to Building a WP Plugin

Top 10 WordPress Plugin Development Tutorials

WordPress is the most popular open source blog system than others due to its ease of use and features. WordPress plugins are PHP scripts that not only change your website but also change the way you manage and run your website. So, here in this post I have tried to shared some of the useful wordpress tutorials that are help you to build wordpress… Read More

+ Using XAMPP for Local WordPress Theme

Excellent WordPress Development Tutorials

Nowadays WordPress has become important application for bloggers and even for other who need small website. WordPress can be very simple to work with, but it can also be very complicated. The system can be used to do just about anything you like. Today I’ve collected very detailed and easy-to-understand WordPress development tutorials which all of them will teach you how to code a… Read More

+ Genesis Framework — Adding Google’s +1 Button

Top 10 Brilliant WordPress Framework Tutorials

WordPress frameworks are the time-savers that you will never want to miss, because they help you skip writing repetitive code which becomes really time-consuming and boring. You can use WordPress to create websites on many different ways. Probably the best option is to start making website with framework or theme. WordPress Theme Frameworks allow new bloggers to choose and design their own themes. Today,… Read More

How to Turn Your WordPress into an Ecommerce Store

When you have a successful blog up and running, doesn’t it make sense to make a little money out of it? If you already enjoy writing and maintaining your blog, there are lots of things you can do to start seeing some financial rewards for your efforts. It’s not as difficult as you might think. In setting up your blog, you’ve already done a… Read More