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Top WordPress Plugins to Keep Your Blog Organized

Those of you who have dipped their toes in blogging probably know that it involves a lot of planning and organization. The ones who haven’t started yet and are down the path of starting a blogging career have to keep that in mind. You should give a careful thought not only what you write about but also how you organize it and present to… Read More

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Must Have WordPress Tools for Your Business Site

WordPress is a customizable CMS software which allows to accomplish almost anything you want. It’s free and easy to use, provides a huge number of plugins and themes, both free and premium, which as a whole give a possibility to make about anything with one simple platform. In this post I’m going to share the most essential WordPress tools for your business site which… Read More

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WordPress Tools to Start Your Blog the Right Way

Nowadays, to start blogging you just need a good content management platform and a head full of ideas. While the content management systems provide the core foundation for blogging, a good and successful blog requires much more consideration, time and resources. As the most feature packed content management platform, WordPress gives you the essential and useful functionalities necessary for blogging. Fortunately, it also provides… Read More

5 Plugins Every WordPress Website Needs

Plugins are one of the main reasons WordPress is so popular. When you install WordPress out of the box it has many useful features. However, when you add plugins, it becomes a much more powerful, useful system. The WordPress community is huge and includes many talented developers and designers. Over the years these individuals have found ways to make WordPress a much better platform… Read More

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A List of Free WordPress Plugins for Login Register

Your user registration and login pages are the gateway to your site, and certainly two areas where you want to impress. If you are running a multi-author WordPress blog, chances that you allow new members to register on your blog. On that case, you need to send them to registration login pages and certainly those are the areas where you want to impress them…. Read More